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Wonderful experience – couldn’t have been better

I first heard about Indochina Pioneer at tripadvisor and I decided to write an enquiry email right away. Best choice ever! 🙂 Got my first answer from Kata (our contact person for the whole time) within 24 hours and the first offer was very good. But until we could finally book the trip we had to do a lot of chances – no problem for Kata at all, she put in whatever I asked her to in our program. About the hotels we totally trusted her knowledge. We just wanted to have 3 to 4 star hotels. And I have to say every hotel that we stayed at was perfect for our needs, breakfast was always included. As were the entrance fees and meals if mentioned in our program.

About our tour: we did a 3 1/2 weeks Vietnam and Cambodia tour – all organised by Kata. In total we had 3 (international) flights, two trainrides (Hanoi – Sa Pa retourn) , a night at a boat in Halong Bay and the rest in “normal” hotels.
Everything worked out perfectly – we got a mobile phone at the beginning of our trip to call Kata at anytime if problems would occur. We had to do that once and within minutes our problem was solved, eventhough it was already 10 pm!

Every tour guide we had made a perfect job and tried to fullfill every of our wishes. It was no problem to stop by somewhere, leave early or late, whatever we wanted too do. Íf we wanted to buy typical stuff we got help negotiating the prices.
In Sa Pa our tour guide cooked a meal in a homestay house for us – a thing we wouldn’t have asked for as we wouldn’t have know that this would be possible! And we loved it!

All in all, I would not consider a second about booking my trip with Indochina Pinoeer again, I would just do it. We talked to people who did everything on their own, it was neither cheaper nor more relaxing or anything. It was just nice to have somebody taking care of us wherever we were.

We met Kata once in Hanoi – she extra came to our breakfast restaurant in the mornging – and it was really nice to finally see the person, I’ve been writing to emails for about 5 months.

It’s hardly to say what we liked most: but Sa Pa should be a must on every Vietnam trip and I would definitly go to Cambodia too, if I’m there, as it’s not a very long journey and absolutely worth it. Halong Bay was also beautiful too, of course. Vietnam in general is a very beautiful country with lots of different things to do and see, I wouldn’t want to miss anything that we did on our trip! It was just perfect as it was!

Thank you again, Kata and everybody else that made our trip unforgetable!