Build Your Own Trip

Vietnam the easy way

We travelled to Vietnam originally to be a part of a choir contest but our group of 30 then did extra travelling beyond the festival. As you could imagine there were 30 people each with their own arrival and return dates, requested itinerary and special needs. Lam was brilliant, sending us not just timely quotes but different costed options. My family were travelling for 4 weeks in total in Vietnam and we would ring Lam with a few days notice and say, we want to go see this waterfall, can you organise a car and driver and the quote would be on my email by the end of the day. Lam even met us when we arrived in Hanoi and took us out to lunch. Experienced travellers might want to skip the guide and just stick with the driver. The guides were all great but I prefer the extra engagement that comes from doing it yourself. If you like being looked after at every step then go with the guide.