Build Your Own Trip

Vietnam–one trip is not enough

Indochina Pioneer provide us with an outstanding vacation. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and adapted to changes we wanted on the fly with no hesitation. I felt they were proud of their country’s history, culture and people. The events planned for us gave us all a great feeling for the country. From the hustle and moped-filled streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to the spectacular countryside in Sapa, beach front in Hoi An, to water adventures in Ha Long Bay and the Mekong river–each day was a day you did not want to end. The food, hotels and sightseeing were all top notch and provided great value for dollar. Indochina was less expensive than two other companies we checked out for an essentially identical itinerary. I was so impressed, I plan to return soon and see those places I did not see in my 16 days.

A few hints (sorry these are American focused). Bring single dollars for tips and miscellaneous small items–the $ is widely accepted. I was able to change currency at the hotel for a good rate and avoid the 3% fee the ATMs charge you.