Build Your Own Trip

Second Time Around

This trip was our second to Vietnam. Two years ago, Kata Tran at Indochina Pioneer put together a four week trip for us to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. This year we returned for four weeks to Vietnam only. And Kata did it again! We had visited so many primary tourist sites on our first trip that we weren’t sure if a second trip would seem repetitive even though this time we were interested in a leisurely beach-style vacation. Somehow, Kata managed to combine beach and exploration perfectly. Again, as on our previous trip, every stop was a highlight. This year Kata incorporated a “home-stay” at Coco Riverside Lodge along the Mekong. We stayed in a spacious, air-conditioned bungalow, surrounded by lush foliage in a rural village along the Mekong. We interacted with local residents, ate in a charming on-site restaurant and took lovely boat cruises daily to surrounding areas all of course with our hosts and guide. The three beach areas that Kata arranged for us were all different and offered varying experiences and amenities from city style beachfront, to luxurious resort. We visited the highlands of Da Lat and a national park and bear preserve. Each stop was new and perfectly planned with drivers, guides, and alone-time as requested. Kata is a master at listening and responding and delivering!