Build Your Own Trip

Quality and personal attention were the hallmarks of our trip

It is not that Indochina Pioneer got us around to the “must see” and typical tourist sites so well – it was the consistent quality, across the board, of everything we did, including the “off program” items! Kids hot and sweaty in Saigon, they were there with a suggestion of a water park! Group getting too hot and tired to trek around the Hmoung village? Switch gears and visit the house of an individual family. Interested in watching a cart pulley sand up a hill? Let’s stop the bus and hang out and do that. Would you like to visit an orphanage/do some social outreach on your trip? That can be planned too (in our case, our trip was two families providing a heritage trip for our adopted Vietnamese chiilldren to see their roots, hence the orphanage visits where our kids presented gifts and money – sort of a “give back” to their roots- by the way, the entire Indochina Pionner staff got behind that – the purpose and goal of the trip – so proud to show off our children’s birth country to them, so happy that the children, given their challenging start in life, went on to live a good life in America). Our trip was the perfect combination of a more or less set agenda and adventure/serendipity. Viet Nam is a wonderful, colorful,confusing, exciting place to travel. With the right amount of input and free time, it is awesome.