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Myanmar Trip

The trip that we planned in Myanmar with Indochina Pioneer was excellent. My wife and I along with another couple of really good friends started planning the whole trip with one of the travel agents (Kata) and she took care of every single aspect of the trip, tailoring it to our needs and requests. They made us feel really special throughout the entire planning/booking process. Visiting Myanmar was even more exciting than we thought, as we got to know local people and we got a good glimpse of the local culture and traditions. Our trip schedule included visiting monuments, breathtaking landscapes, amazing little towns, getting to know locals (which was by far the most pleasant experience and the beautiful nature that surrounds this nation. Indochina Pioneer and its tour guides had a determinant effect with their undoubtable competence, precision,kindness and efficiency in making us appreciate this country going far beyond our expectations. Congratulations to this travel agency I would certainly pick them again, for their availability, their fair prices and unique way of doing.