Build Your Own Trip

Kudos to Indochina Pioneer!

My husband and I wanted to go on a one month vacation to Cambodia and Vietnam on a personalized private tour to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. Among other agencies, we found Indochina Pioneer on Trip Advisor. After contacting several of them, Mr. Lam, of I.P., stood out from the rest. Over four months and multiple iterations, he proved to be a great organizer and arranger. He was always patient, helpful, and willing to be accommodating. In the end, he planned an incredible tour, which greatly satisfied our love of history and nature. In addition, he never failed to keep in mind the fact that I had some mobility issues, which limited some of our ability to fulfill our natural curiosities.

At the start of the trip, we arrived in HCMC one day early. At our request, Mr. Lam moved up the whole itinerary by one day. All the arrangements for boats, guides, and hotels were changed without a single error or grumble.

Mr. Lam was there for us throughout the whole trip. He provided us with a local cell phone on the first day. Any time we had a concern or wanted to make an addition or change, all we had to do was call, and he always responded promptly. Once during a taxi ride in Hanoi, the taxi driver couldn’t find our destination. We called Mr. Lam, and he quickly directed the taxi driver to our museum. Another time, after leaving a well loved piece of clothing in a hotel room in Cambodia, Mr. Lam was able to surprise us by handing us this piece of clothing in HCMC, just before leaving Vietnam.

We met Mr. Lam personally twice while in Hanoi, and he was as gracious and charming in person as by email or on the phone. His English is outstanding and clear. All in all, I would have to say that our one month trip to Cambodia and Vietnam was exceptional in every way. And there is no doubt that this is due to the outstanding planning, seamless transfers, and mostly terrific guides provided to us by Indochina Pioneer.