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Indochina Pioneer – Beyond our expectations

We were dubious at first.
Maybe being from Australia, we were anxious that booking a tour direct on the internet might be a problem. We could not be further from the truth.
We emailed Indochina Pioneer, asked for prices, and immediately got responses that were competitive. We wanted a private tour, our own car, driver and guide, from the moment we arrived in Vietnam, with all connections including internal airfares to Laos and Cambodia.
Well, all we can say is that from our own personal experience, Indochina Pioneer simply over delivered at all stages of our adventure. We asked for many changes to the itinerary, and they were met with a “yes, we can do that”. Lam Duong, our point of contact with Indochina Pioneer was able to simply, and professionally, deliver the experience we wanted.
We traveled in April/May of 2012, probably one of the hottest times of the year; and our guides in every city would adapt the tour to suit us. We would start earlier because it was hot,then take us back to the hotel to rest and refresh, and then come back and collect us when it was a little cooler to continue our tour. They were available 24/7 and we always felt comfortable. We were never harassed by touts, yet visited all the major attractions. We were met at every airport, on time, with a friendly guide with our names on a sign. From the moment we arrived, we felt connected with new friends.
We wanted photographs without the hoards of tourists in the shot, and our guides adapted the tour expertly to suit our needs. They would recommend slight changes to the itinerary to suit what was happening on any particular day, and subsequently, our experience was enhanced. We chose hotels that were comfortable, and we could not have been happier, they have a multitude of choices at all price levels. I would do a check on TripAdvisor on their hotel recommendation, and if I asked for a change, it was never a problem, however talking to other travelers, they were always happy with the Indochina Pioneer selection, irrespective of the price.
Would I go back… a heartbeat
Would I book with Indochina Pioneer again?……….absolutely.
For us, the experience, attention to detail, and the personal care we received was beyond our expectations.
We can only ever share our experience with fellow travelers and tell them about our adventure. TripAdvisor was such a great resource for us, and we gained enormous value and information from the experienced travelers to these countries.
I can only commend the services of Indochina Pioneer based upon our own personal experience, and as I said before, we would be back in a heartbeat, and re-book with Indochina Pioneer. John-in-Oz