Build Your Own Trip

Best Trip Ever!!!

Less than two weeks before heading to China for work, I decided to see if perhaps I could squeeze in a fun solo trip to neighboring countries while on that side of the world. I usually like to visit at my own pace but since I knew I would be short on time, I decided to give Indochina Pioneer a shot. After all, they did seem to have great reviews.

The professionalism and speed by which all my questions were answered only solidified my decision to go ahead and book everything in advance with the help of Mr. Lam (who must be working around the clock considering the speed at which I would get replies; and that, regardless of the time at which I emailed him).

Within 10 days, Mr. Lam had organized an awesome itinerary for me to visit both Vietnam and Cambodia. It was a very well organized and extremely detailed day by day itinerary. Included was: information on visa/forms, flights, hotels, meals, guide name and phone number, a brief summary of the day’s itinerary along with some relevant history, currency exchange rate, gratuity customs, do’s and don’ts, etc.

Needless to stay I was more than ready when the time came for me to go. For every region I visited, I was greeted by wonderful tour guides who beside speaking remarkably well english and being knowledgeable about the region, were just so delightful to be with. They made me feel comfortable right away. It was almost like if I was traveling with an old buddy of mine. They were all ready to accommodate me and go beyond the scoop of the planned itinerary if I wanted to. They even did extra research at night if they didn’t have the answer to one of my questions and would come back with an answer the very next morning (some even made drawings to help explain certain important points).

The drivers were also very friendly, polite, helpful and punctual. Again, they opened doors for me, offered me waters and even asked me if I needed to make stops along the way. They all had nice air conditioned cars/jeeps which given the temperature in some regions, was a definite plus!

Aside from having great tour guides and drivers, Mr. Lam also arranged for me to stay in beautiful accommodations with very friendly staff and nice restaurants. All in and all, I had a fantastic time and cannot wait to travel through Indochina Pioneers again! They really made me feel like a princess from beginning to the end!

Thanks a million for the best trip ever!!! 😉