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An excellent Vietnamese company offering personalized service with experienced guides at affordable prices

I am a sixty year old woman traveling alone in north west Vietnam. i had such excellent and professional service from start to finish. They organized the tour just as I had wanted it. The owner Mr Lam was there to offer all kinds of help . Everything was organized like clockwork . The guide showed up on time, the car was impeccably clean at all times. My driver was excellent on all counts. He always had cold water and a package of wet face wipes, a welcome way to beat the heat. They thought of everything. My driver was courteous, safe, and neat and clean when he arrived. I have to applaud the experience and knowledge of the guide.
Often I had access to villages and people because of his professional relationship with them. Traveling alone I never felt unsafe or anxious. I stayed in many nice hotels on my tour. I was always escorted to my hotel, the guide took care of my checkin I literally had nothing to do except enjoy my room. Even at the airport and the train from Sapa everything was looked after exceptionally well.
I was very happy with the service I received but more happy that I had hired a Vietnamese company that supported local guides and the local economy when I booked my trip I thought I would try two different companies just in case one was poor I would not be stuck. iI was wrong. I should have stuck to Indochina Pioneers. indochina Odessey presented as a Vietnamese company when indeed they are aChinese company. I did not receive as good or personable service from them. Next time, will again book with
Indochina Pioneers this kind of professionalism is welcomed and greatly appreciated by everyone especially women traveling alone