Build Your Own Trip

1 month, 4 countries, very happy customers!

We could not be happier with Indochina Pioneer. We love to travel and I usually spend months and months planning our perfect trip on our own. However, this time a friend recommended Indochina Pioneer to me. I was skeptical since most travel agencies are far more expensive than if I were to plan it myself. I priced everything out so that I wouldn’t be bamboozled. To my surprise, they fit perfectly within our budget and were incredibly affordable. Their customer service is top notch.

We are currently living in Japan and the company is based in Vietnam. The customer service is top notch. Our agent called us multiple times, emailed us almost daily, and met us for lunch in Hanoi to make sure we were enjoying our trip. There are no words to explain how awesome the experience was.

We first went to Thailand, then to Laos, then to Vietnam, then on to Cambodia. There was someone to meet us at every airport. Everyone spoke perfect English. We had daily guided tours, in English. They took us to eat every day so that we could taste the cuisine, but within a safe environment. I was very concerned with safety and sanitation since I was pregnant. There was one night we had issues with our hotel and our agent took care of it immediately. Wonderful! wonderful! wonderful! I can’t say enough good things.

Book with this company. You won’t be sorry!