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Reviews on Our Service

“To create unique, personalized Asia holidays” is Indochina Pioneer’s promise to our dear customers, and we strive to exceed their expectations. Thus, it is our honor to hear about their unforgettable journeys in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and beyond. Read the testimonials from our customers about their experiences with Indochina Pioneer, including the ratings and comments on attractions, guides, activities, hotels, and food.


"Indochina Pioneer worked with Trails of Mountains for an excellent Sapa Adventure!"

We were pleasantly surprised by Mr. Duong Dai Lam (“LAM”)’s attentiveness to our needs via email for months before the trip. He was very professional, flexible, and accommodated all of our needs for our 4 day, 3 night (homestays) trekking tour of Sapa Valley.

We were picked up at our hotel in Hanoi by one of the Indochina pioneer people. He escorted us to the train station and then made sure we got on the train in the exact cabin. (We splurged to buy out the whole 4-berth cabin for 2 of us…it was WORTH IT! No one to bother you and you can lock the door while you are sleeping, only $144 per person total).

Mr. Lam had booked us with a local Sapa tour company called “Trails of Mountains.” Our guide picked us up with a driver at 5am in the morning to drive 1 hour through the mountains to a hotel where we could take a shower and rest before our first day of trekking. It was surprising easy.

Mr. Nga was one of the most knowledgeable, fun, athletic, and kindest tour guides I have ever met. He absolutely made our trip. We had a private tour with Mr. Nga, which meant we did a lot of hiking (some strenuous parts, but worth it)….we went off the beaten path and really experienced Sapa. He seemed to know all of Sapa Valley like the back of his hand. It was amazing!

Mr. Nga was a great translator during the homestays as well. The homestays were fascinating! I would caution that they are provincial in that there is no air conditioning, little running water, and/or plumbing in some places. However, that is what we expected and didnt mind at all.

Hands down, the food in the Homestays were probably some of the best meals I have EVER eaten. Everything in the meal was fresh from the garden or farm (I mean everything, meat, fruits/vegetables, grains, herbs). DELICIOUS!

All in all, the tour was amazing. I would highly recommend to everyone. Mr. Lam and Mr. Nga were absolutely fantastic. Ask for them 🙂

The only thing I would caution about the booking with Indochina Pioneer: it is better to pay everything before you start the tour, we paid 50% before we arrived in Vietnam and had to pay the rest while waiting at the Hanoi station for the train to Sapa (it was sort of a hassle).

Overall, a fantastic experience, we would definitely book with them again! Thanks Lam and Nga!

Trip Advisor
United States, California

"A wonderful, honest and knowledgable company"

I just want to say thank you to Quyen and all his crew at this great firm. Trustworthy, accountable, and hard working folks made our recent adventure to Vietnam and Cambodia wonderful. Count on them to fulfill your expectations.

Trip Advisor

"Wonderful experience – couldn’t have been better"

I first heard about Indochina Pioneer at tripadvisor and I decided to write an enquiry email right away. Best choice ever! 🙂 Got my first answer from Kata (our contact person for the whole time) within 24 hours and the first offer was very good. But until we could finally book the trip we had to do a lot of chances – no problem for Kata at all, she put in whatever I asked her to in our program. About the hotels we totally trusted her knowledge. We just wanted to have 3 to 4 star hotels. And I have to say every hotel that we stayed at was perfect for our needs, breakfast was always included. As were the entrance fees and meals if mentioned in our program.

About our tour: we did a 3 1/2 weeks Vietnam and Cambodia tour – all organised by Kata. In total we had 3 (international) flights, two trainrides (Hanoi – Sa Pa retourn) , a night at a boat in Halong Bay and the rest in “normal” hotels.
Everything worked out perfectly – we got a mobile phone at the beginning of our trip to call Kata at anytime if problems would occur. We had to do that once and within minutes our problem was solved, eventhough it was already 10 pm!

Every tour guide we had made a perfect job and tried to fullfill every of our wishes. It was no problem to stop by somewhere, leave early or late, whatever we wanted too do. Íf we wanted to buy typical stuff we got help negotiating the prices.
In Sa Pa our tour guide cooked a meal in a homestay house for us – a thing we wouldn’t have asked for as we wouldn’t have know that this would be possible! And we loved it!

All in all, I would not consider a second about booking my trip with Indochina Pinoeer again, I would just do it. We talked to people who did everything on their own, it was neither cheaper nor more relaxing or anything. It was just nice to have somebody taking care of us wherever we were.

We met Kata once in Hanoi – she extra came to our breakfast restaurant in the mornging – and it was really nice to finally see the person, I’ve been writing to emails for about 5 months.

It’s hardly to say what we liked most: but Sa Pa should be a must on every Vietnam trip and I would definitly go to Cambodia too, if I’m there, as it’s not a very long journey and absolutely worth it. Halong Bay was also beautiful too, of course. Vietnam in general is a very beautiful country with lots of different things to do and see, I wouldn’t want to miss anything that we did on our trip! It was just perfect as it was!

Thank you again, Kata and everybody else that made our trip unforgetable!

Trip Advisor
United States, California

"Excellent Service and Top Notch Guides"

My wife and I just returned from 16 days in Cambodia and Vietnam. Lam at Indochina Pioneer worked with us from our first inquiry all the way through our last day. He always answered any question or concern very promptly. He was very professional and very nice to work with. In fact we had the pleasure of meeting him for lunch in Hanoi.

Every hotel, flight, tour and guide he booked for us was as good or better than promised. We had four guides in total and they were all knowledgeable, reliable and very friendly.

The entire operation is first-rate.

Trip Advisor
New Zealand, Wellington

"Have confidence in Indochina Pioneer"

We have just returned from a wonderful 11 days in Vietnam. Quyen arranged a wonderful itinerary that enabled us to start in HCMC, visit Hue and Hoi An and finish in Hanoi. A busy but great time was had by all 5 of us. Looking back Quyen was able to strike a balance of busy days and also time to meander and take our time which we greatly appreciated. It was a family celebration of a milestone birthday and a really nice touch was the amazing birthday cake that turned up on the day when we returned to our hotel! Everything was organised really well, with guides and drivers always on time- we felt so safe and cared for. All our guides were great and we enjoyed each one’s own way of explaining their country and Vietnam’s history. Our guides were able to give us ideas on where to head when we had time to ourselves and we appreciated both Thuy and Duy helping us when we needed to change our USD to VND. They both went out of their way to do this for us 🙂 Quyen took great care in following up with me when changes had to be made to the itinerary and hotels. Also his emails instilled me with confidence that things were in hand and we would not be let down. Thanks so much for a memorable time.

Trip Advisor
United States, Illinois

"A Tour Company You Can TRUST To Deliver"

My husband and I organized a trip for 36 fellow travelers to Vietnam and Cambodia for spring break 2013. We are extremely HAPPY with the services provided by Indochina Pioneer! Partners Quyen and Lam proved that they have the knowledge and experience to plan a trip that we can now truly call a trip of a lifetime. Our group enjoyed a customized tour with TOP NOTCH buses, drivers, guides, activities and dining. Oh the food was just delicious. You have to try it all. We were overly pleased with their suggested accommodations, Intercontinental West Lake in Hanoi, The Rex Hotel in Saigon and the Tara Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap. Thanks to Quyen for insisting that we spend 2 nights sailing Halong Bay with Bhaya Classic Cruises.

Here are just a few little things that made Indochina Pioneer stand out. 1) We were treated to having Quyen as our national guide 24/7. He became one of the family and even arranged a birthday cake for a celebration during the trip 2) It was warm and humid but they always had plenty of free bottled water chilled for us on the bus. 3) Hotel check in was all pre-arranged. They just handed us our keys and we were on our way. Same with the domestic flights. Quyen checked in our luggage and handed us our boarding passes. Couldn’t be simpler.

We have organized 20+ group trips over the years and this company stands out as one of the best we’ve ever had! THANKS for an unforgettable adventure. I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful people of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Trip Advisor
United States, California

"Second trip with Indochina Pioneer………..fantastic again!!!"

This is my second trip with Indochina Pioneer. After 2 weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam last June, I planned a group trip with 14 high school students to Siem Reap, Cambodia, Hoi An, Mai Chau, Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam in late March. Once again, Lam did an amazing job panning our itinerary. Our guides were excellent: friendly, punctual and always willing to be flexible with our schedule based on our group’s needs. Many of our meals were selected by Indochina Pioneer and included in our group tour price, and they were great restaurants with multiple course meals. Lam was able to make some last minute changes to our hotels to bring our price down when our group numbers were lower than originally planned. I was very impressed with all the hotels we stayed in. Staff was friendly and helpful, hotels were spacious and clean, and all had swimming pools.As always, Lam was prompt in replying to emails and helping us prepare for our trip. Our students are photography students, and our guide in Hanoi, Tan, area was also a photographer which as a great help. The itinerary included many special early morning trips to photographic locations which was a treat for the students. Indochina Pioneer handled all aspects of our trip including flights from Cambodia to Vietnam, internal flights in Vietnam, transportation, guides, hotels and meals. All services were excellent!

It is with the highest regard that I recommend Indochina Pioneer. I am planning another vacation to Myanmar in July and have already contacted Indochina Pioneer to help with our itinerary.

Trip Advisor
Canada, Toronto

"An excellent Vietnamese company offering personalized service with experienced guides at affordable prices"

I am a sixty year old woman traveling alone in north west Vietnam. i had such excellent and professional service from start to finish. They organized the tour just as I had wanted it. The owner Mr Lam was there to offer all kinds of help . Everything was organized like clockwork . The guide showed up on time, the car was impeccably clean at all times. My driver was excellent on all counts. He always had cold water and a package of wet face wipes, a welcome way to beat the heat. They thought of everything. My driver was courteous, safe, and neat and clean when he arrived. I have to applaud the experience and knowledge of the guide.
Often I had access to villages and people because of his professional relationship with them. Traveling alone I never felt unsafe or anxious. I stayed in many nice hotels on my tour. I was always escorted to my hotel, the guide took care of my checkin I literally had nothing to do except enjoy my room. Even at the airport and the train from Sapa everything was looked after exceptionally well.
I was very happy with the service I received but more happy that I had hired a Vietnamese company that supported local guides and the local economy when I booked my trip I thought I would try two different companies just in case one was poor I would not be stuck. iI was wrong. I should have stuck to Indochina Pioneers. indochina Odessey presented as a Vietnamese company when indeed they are aChinese company. I did not receive as good or personable service from them. Next time, will again book with
Indochina Pioneers this kind of professionalism is welcomed and greatly appreciated by everyone especially women traveling alone

Trip Advisor
United States, Illinois

"Great Tour for 11 days"

We had an absolutely great tour with Pioneer. Quyen was our tour guide for Vietnam and Cambodia and was a delight. We covered a lot of territory, Hanoi, Saigon, Halong Bay for 3 days and Siem Reap. Great hotels, tours and just the right pace for this short time in these countries with sites to be seen but also time to relax and explore on our own. Would book with them again. Trust the reviews, this company is the one to take.

Trip Advisor