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Our Nepal tours are filled with amazing experiences of trekking, white water rafting, yoga retreat and cultural exploration. Itineraries are for suggestion and our tailor-made service is just one click away!

Spirit of Nepal Best Seller

Kathmandu → Bandipur → Pokhara → Chitwan → KathmanduThis itinerary covers the most important destinations so that you can truly feel the spirit of Nepal on your journey. In Kathmandu, go on the UNESCO Cultural...
Nepal Cultural Tour

Kathmandu → Nagarkot → Chitwan → Pokhara → KathmanduGo on this 'Nepal Cultural Tour' to learn about this charming country in the Himalayas and its beautiful people. Start the adventure in Kathmandu...
Essence of Nepal

Kathmandu → Nagarkot → Chitwan → Pokhara → Sarangkot → KathmanduDiscover the essence of Nepal with this 7-day tour to understand what makes this Asian country so intriguing. See the awe-inspiring architectural symbols...
Nepal Panorama Tour

Kathmandu → Pokhara → Sarangkot → Chitwan → KathmanduThis 'Nepal Panorama Tour' is the perfect combination of a cultural trip and a trekking adventure. Visit the most captivating places in Kathmandu...

Client Reviews

We booked the 5-star version. Overall the trip was enjoyable, lots of activities quite reasonable. Our tour advisor Kata Tran was very responsive and helpful. All the tour guides were very knowledgeable and professional, except for one guide in Hue who had an attitude that I did not like. Even though in the end the Hue guide solves the issues we had, we still felt he was not as heartwarming as all the other guides that we had.

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