Holding a Bachelor Of Arts in Foreign Studies from the reputable Languages and International Studies University, Lam, with an open and service-oriented mind, has never considered himself as an interpreter which was his original plan for life.

His career in tourism industry began in 2001, with his excellent skills in foreign languages, knowledge of different cultures from the university, and his pure passion for travel. After nearly 10 years of collecting industry insights by experiencing many positions, from ordinary tour guide to senior tour manager, in both US & UK large corporations, he decided to start a business with his best friend, Quyen, in 2009.

With the companies inspiring motto “Experience – Learn – Enjoy” Lam began his exciting adventure in planning tours, and through his hard and responsible work he has certainly achieved this.  Lam loves reading, learning about new cultures, travelling, and obviously his wonderful wife and 02 children.

What My Clients Say

Angeline and Mathew
Paris, France

"Hi Mr. Lam!"

We are spending a so great time in Vietnam this is amazing, thank you so much for this perfect organization!

The palm garden in Hoi An is so perfect as well! The tour guides have been excellent. I sent you a picture with us and Tom an our arrival day.

One more day more and tomorrow we are flying to Saigon.

I wish you a very nice day, we are now going to the beach!

Best regards
Angeline and Mathew

Amy Ford
Florida, United States

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Hi Lam!!

First day of being home all day and threw my daughter a birthday party!! Crazy buzy!  Jet lag is catching up to the both of us!

We had such an AMAZING time!!! Seriously! Your company is so very professional, on time, careful, and friendly.  I will 1,000% recommend all my friends and family members to you!  In fact, I already started this!  I could not have asked for a better trip, everything (except Scott’s silly new passport numbers) was just WONDERFUL!!! I miss SE Asia already!  That was soooooo sweet of Nam to get me a cake on my birthday!! The BEST memory ever!!!

The ONLY comment I would make, and it’s not even a big thing, is the driver we had when we arrived later at night in Da Nang airport (please forgive me, I don’t remember his name) maybe was a new driver?? We ONLY had him for the trip from the DaNang airport to Hoi An Hotel.  I already wasn’t feeling well with maybe a stomach bug and his driving was terrible..meaning it was not a smooth ride and he would constantly push on the gas then stop push on the gas then stop.  I wound up vomiting in the hotel toilet as soon as we checked in to our room.  Totally fine by the next day after our sleep.

Really Lam, everything was so so awesome!!!! We got to see and do some pretty amazing things!  I only wish we had MORE time!!

I am hoping that maybe you and/or your company (preferably you :)) help put something together for my world trip.  It doesn’t have to be go-go busy and maybe a slower pace is just fine with several afternoons to maybe do school work a few days a week…haha like my kids are going to want to do that!  And, of course, being budget conscious :))

Thank you thank you for even taking time out of your busy schedule to have lunch with us!!! A special treat and so awesome to meet you in person!!! You are amazing!!!

I will send pics very very soon!  Do you prefer me to send them through What’s App?  You tell me which you prefer!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!!



P.S. I also enjoyed the new vehicles we drove in!  I would buy one myself…are they called the Fortuna?  Wish we had them here in the U.S.!

Peter and Justine
Melbourne, Australia

"Our second Trip with Indochina Pioneer"

Dear Lam

Thank you for your email.
Yes I am back at work and almost to the normal routine.
Justin is also starting a new job so we are both busy.

We had an amazing time on our trip. Thank you so much and staff from Indochina Pioneer for their excellent service.

We would particularly like to thank and commend Thai our guide and our Driver Tran – our second time with them both which was very enjoyable and we had such a good time in their company.
Our guide in Sapa Si Si was also excellent and we could not have asked for better – we were well looked after and learnt so much from her with our time together.

The Ha Long Bay boat crew was also excellent and we totally enjoyed out time on the bay although shortened by the typhoon weather it was very good indeed.

In Hoi An our guide was equally excellent and again we had a very good time there with our tour.
The Koi resort was also a wonderful place to rest an relax at the end of our tour and we had a very good time there with lots of rest, good food and comfort. The staff at the resort were excellent without fault.

All in all we had a great time and have been telling all our friends to book with Indochina Pioneer for their Vietnam experience.

We will also jump on and do the Trip advisor reports very soon for you.

So once again thank you for organising an excellent experience for us we were very happy to have our holiday wiwth so much fun and excellent experiences. We will be back again when we save a bit of cash for another holiday and perhaps next time will do the mountains more and a trip into Cambodia with you.

Cheers for now and please pass on our appreciation for all the Indochina Pioneer Team for excellent and rewarding experiences.

P/S: I sent you the picture of Huynh (the driver), Tai (the tour guide) and us

Peter and Justin.

Matt, Gayle Lester, Vinci and Wilson
Matt, Gayle Lester, Vinci and Wilson
Auckland, New Zealand

"Vietnam and Cambodia Tour"

Hello Lam,

We have just returned from our two month holiday (March was spent in New Zealand) and I want to let you know how much we enjoyed our time in Indochina. I have a whole new insight into the countries we visited and the sights we saw were everything I had hoped for, and more! Our guides along the way were exceptional and not only gave us excellent background on the areas we visited but through their local knowledge were able to tailor our itinerary to make best use of our time and work around the weather. The accommodation was varied but acceptable, and in some cases very pleasing. The transportation was flawless and we felt the guides took great care to ensure we were safely on our way to the next destination.

I was very pleased to meet you in person and have to say your attention to detail was evident throughout our trip. I know you had to go above and beyond with the needs of other members of our group and they were extremely appreciative of the efforts you made.

I will highly recommend you to family and friends and hope our future may bring travels to other destinations that you serve.

Thank you for a wonderful tour of your region. Gayle and I will never forget it.

Matt and Gayle Lester

Stephane and Linda RICHARD
Stephane and Linda RICHARD
Bucharest, Romania

"“Private tour”"

Dear Lam,

Thanks for your message. Now back in Bucharest to real life since more than one week. We ended our trip in Vietnam with two days in Hanoi (unfortunately one day very rainy) plus two days in Hong Kong and also a day trip to Macau.

We were very happy about our tour in Vietnam and your organization. No complain on our side. It’s of course expensive to travel by your own with your own car and guide/drivers but at the end, it has allows us to see a lot of thing in a very limited time.

We will definitely recommend your company to our relatives and friends.

I attached two pictures of my wife with our guides in Sapa and Tam Coc. Could you please forward it to them and send our greetings.

kindest regards
Stephane and Linda Richard

Pam & Peter Richardson
Pam & Peter Richardson
Brisbane, Australia

"Thank you Mr Lam"

Hi Lam,

We got back safely after our wonderful trip and are back into our work routine straight away. we caught up with some of our family but as yet have not had a chance to download our photos. we hope to do this in the coming week so will forward some to you.

Yes, it was great to meet you in Hanoi as it added a personal touch to our trip. The whole trip went well . We loved Halong Bay, Hoi An, Mekong Delta & only wished that we could have had an extra night on board the boat.

We only arrived home last Tuesday as we had extra time in Brisbane.(My sister lives there)

I write a comprehensive diary of our travels, so am in the midst of that at present. I am up to Day 6 would you believe!!! After that I will do our photo book & they are wonderful references.

As I said, our family are still interested in doing a trip, so will be in touch again no doubt.
Pam & Peter Richardson

Karen McQueen
Karen McQueen
Melbourne, Australia

"“Our Vietnam & Cambodia Tour”"

Hi Lam, sorry it has taken so long to reply but 2 days after I got home from Cambodia I flew down to Melbourne for a holiday with my daughter so I am not long back and STRAIGHT into work!

We had an amazing trip. Thank you so much for planning it for us. We thoroughly enjoyed everything we did and saw some amazing places. We also enjoyed that every place was so different and we did a different activity in each place. We loved Halong Bay, the boat was beautiful. We loved zipping around the countryside on motorbikes. Loved the chaos of Saigon! Had great fun at the cooking class and had a massage thrown in which was lovely. The temples of Siem Reap were incredible and it was great to have a guide tell us all about them as there are things we would have missed if we just saw them by ourselves.

Our guides in Vietnam, Lam & Vuong were AMAZING, they went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we had a fantastic experience. I am sure they stayed with us long after they had to each day.

Our guides in Cambodia were great. They were very informative and very nice people.

I met a lady at the airport when I was flying to Melbourne and she told me her and her friend were planning to go to Cambodia in July this year so I gave her your details and told them how FABULOUS you were.

Thanks again Lam, it was absolutely lovely dealing with you and your team.

Kindest Regards, Karen McQueen

Jane Hanley
Jane Hanley
London, United Kingdom


Dear Lam

We have been so busy since we returned and our wonderful trip to Vietnam seems ages ago, although we’ve been back less than 2 weeks.

We really enjoyed our trip with Indochina Pioneer – great organisation, knowledgeable and very lovely guides and drivers and interesting activities. Personally I am very keen to return. I felt I wanted to stay longer nearly everywhere we went and there are so many other places we still haven’t visited. Laos and Myanmar are also on my list!

I don’t know what next year will bring, but a return visit is certainly a possibility. If we did return I guess a similar time of year would be best.

Will try to send some photos when life settles down . Also perhaps more detailed comments of the latter part of our trip. (All good)
We would like to send our thanks and also very best wishes to you and all the people we met with, for the New Year.

Jane Hanley

Goluwa de Silva
Goluwa de Silva
Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you for a wonderful time."

Hello Lam,
Just letting you know I came home safe and sound. I had a lovely time in your beautiful country. Your level of service with the guides, drivers and accommodations were wonderful. (SAPA accommodation wasn’t the same grade as the others but still okay).
I loved Hoi Ann, Hanoi, Da Lat and Halong Bay the most, so beautiful.
thank you again for a wonderful time.
Hoping to enjoy four days in Cambodia next year maybe combined with another destination for approx 6 days. If you have any suggestions would love to hear from you.
Goluwa de Silva

 Deborah Motika
Deborah Motika
Florida, United States

"“Our Trip”"

Hello Lam,

Just wanted to touch base and tell you we are home safely, experiencing a bit of jet lag and much tired.

I enjoyed our trip as well as all our guides! Vietnam beautiful as is Cambodia. Sorry I missed Sapa so I must return!
Everyone enjoyed our adventure.
Take care Lam. We will see you again soon.
All the best,