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Nepal Snapshot

A landlocked nation between two giant neighbors, India and China, Nepal nonetheless stands apart with its distinctive, cultural heritage and natural climate with the Himalayas serving as an awe-inspiring backdrop. Despite the challenges that Nepal went through in the civil war at the turn of the 21st

Nepal Visa Guide

A visa to Nepal is required for all foreign nationals (except India) who wish to enter Nepal. The visa must be used within six months from the date of issue. There are three kinds of visas: Single-entry, Multiple-entry, and Transit. You may apply for your visa at

Nepal Pre-Trip Information

Indochina Pioneer facilitates your holiday by arranging all the services making up your trip. However, be sure to pack all that you will need before leaving your home!

Nepal Weather & Climate

Nepal has 4 main seasons, categorized into six distinct climate periods: Basanta (spring), Grishma (early summer), Barkha (summer monsoon), Sharad (early autumn), Hemanta (late autumn), and Shishir (winter)

Getting Around in Nepal

Getting around Nepal is one of the biggest challenges for all tourists, as the roads are poor and slow, and public transportations like buses are crowded and uncomfortable, although the distances are not that far. To avoid this headache, flights, motorcycles, and taxi charters are always available,


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