Myanmar Snapshot

Myanmar (previously known as Burma) is a perfect destination for travelers looking for a unique get-away to a beautiful and exotic locale. This tropical country offers travelers an amazing landscape and a rich cultural heritage, influenced by Southeast Asia’s traditions. However, as a country that has only

Myanmar Visa Guide

Most foreign nationals require a visa to enter Myanmar. Visa-free travel for 14 days, or longer in some cases, is permitted only to citizens of Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia and Laos.

Myanmar Pre-Trip Information

Indochina Pioneer facilitates your holiday by arranging all the services making up your trip. However, be sure to pack all that you will need before leaving your home!

Myanmar Weather & Climate

Like most Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar has two main seasons: dry and wet. The dry season runs from October to May, and the wet season from June to October. Generally, most people prefer to travel during the drier months, but even during the wet season, the northern

Getting Around in Myanmar

Although traveling around Burma was challenging in the past, in recent years, the Burmese government has implemented many actions to develop the country’s infrastructure. Many roads are becoming quite modern, and several highways (mostly toll) and bridges have been built, making more destinations accessible. However, be aware


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    Myanmar Adventure Tour

    Myanmar Adventure Tour

    Yangon → Bagan → Kyun Chaung → Aye → Kanpelet → Bagan → Mandalay → Inle Lake → Loikaw → Kalaw → Heho → Yangon → Bago

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