Bali Pre-Trip Information


There is no vaccination required for traveling to Java, Bali and Sumatra. However, there are some vaccination and vaccines that are recommended to be taken prior to your trip to Bali: Tetanus-Diphtheria; Hepatitis A; Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR); Typhoid; Yellow Fever – only required for travelers arriving from yellow-fever infected countries (Africa, Americas).

Please be informed that information related to health when traveling might be subject to change. It remains the duty of the traveler to update the latest information on the subject before departing.


You are traveling to a country with a tropical climate so bring with you light, easy to wear cotton clothes. If you’re on holiday, you don’t need to dress formally, even in the most luxurious resorts. Take a light sweater along for your air trip. Temperatures may drop considerably in the airplane during your night flight. It may also be helpful for those who venture out in the mountains (1,000m and above).


Although you can not expect everywhere a super-fast internet connection, the infrastructure, coverage, and service have improved greatly over the years. A 3G network is available in most areas if it’s not too remote.

You may not feel the need to buy a prepaid SIM card as most hotels, restaurants and cafés offer free Wi-Fi access. Do not expect super-fast internet as you will be sharing access with all the other customers but it will be good enough to keep family and friends updated.

In case you still want to get a prepaid SIM, you can be online for 30 days with a package of 4 GB for only US$10. The vendor will need your passport details and name and will then register the new SIM card online for you.

You can easily get a SIM at a booth at the airport, or from the mobile phone shops on the main tourist streets. The two most popular SIM card providers in Indonesia are Telkomsel (simPATI) and XL Axiata. For a SIM with cheaper price, venture a bit further from the main tourist streets and you may find better deals from smaller mobile shops.

Indonesia rupiah


The Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) will be your means of paying for goods and services. Carry around a reasonable cash amount to pay for food, drinks, taxis and small items when traveling in Bali. In case you want to buy an expensive item, pay with credit cards or the shop keeper will be willing to arrange a meeting in your hotel to receive payment.

It is not advisable to obtain Rp in your home country. Bring along Euros or US Dollars to exchange them in Indonesia at prevailing and well-published exchange rates at authorized money changers and/or banks.

Euros or US Dollars / Cash or Traveler Cheques?

Money changers and banks widely accept both foreign currencies. There is no advantage in preferring one above another. Bring along with you what is most convenient!

The exchange rate for banknotes and cheques is almost the same. It is somewhat less cumbersome to exchange banknotes versus cheques, but the latter carries an advantage in case of loss or theft.

Take note that you will need your passport for exchanging cheques!

Credit Cards

Most hotels will accept major credit cards. The same goes for regular shops, although some of the smaller ones will apply a surcharge of 3% on the amount of purchase. Credit cards are a too expensive way to obtain a cash advance.

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