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Bali Snapshot

Population: 4.2 million Currency: Indonesian rupiah Language: Bahasa Indonesia (national official language), Balinese, English, Dutch, Javanese Religion: Balinese Hinduism (major), Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism Bali’s history is thought to have begun around 2000 BC by migrants from Southeast Asia and Oceania. From its early beginnings, Bali was strongly influenced by

Indonesia Visa Guide

Visitors to Indonesia must obtain a visa from one of the Indonesian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa-exempt countries. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months as well as a valid return ticket.

Bali Pre-Trip Information

Indochina Pioneer facilitates your holiday by arranging all the services making up your trip. However, the information will definitely be useful when you are packing for the holiday.

Bali Weather & Climate

Locates entirely in the tropical zone, Bali's weather remains generally the same around the year - hot, wet and humid, with only a few temperatures different between the months. The average temperature year-round is 27°C. There are two main seasons on the island: Dry season and Rainy Season.

Getting Around Bali

Bali has been a major tourist destination for so many years now so it’s relatively easy to travel from/to and around the island.


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