Viajes a Tailandia

8 días en Tailandia

Bangkok → Kanchanaburi → Chiang Mai → SalidaDescubre Bangkok y Chiang Mai en un viaje a medida de 8 días. Contempla sus paisajes maravillosos, las sonrisas de su gente local, su comida típica... Tailandia te espera...
Lo mejor de Tailandia

Bangkok → Ayutthaya → Chiang Mai → Safari de Elefantes → Phuket → Phang Nga → Bangkok → SalidaUn completo viaje para conocer los secretos mejor guardados de Tailandia. Desde Bangkok hasta los parques históricos más famosos,...
Descubre Tailandia Más Vendido

Bangkok → Ayutthaya → Chiang Rai → Chiang Mai → Krabi → SalidaUn viaje de 12 días en el que descubrirás los mejores destinos del reino de Siam: Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai y Krabi...

Comentarios de nuestros clientes

As this was our first trip to Vietnam we decided to us Indochina Pioneer-and Mr Lam provided us with a 17 day itinerary. Thank you for arranging a most relaxing holiday, and we enjoyed every minute with our guides, Mr Dong (Hanoi), Mr Thoung and driver Mr Hai (Hoi An-Hue) Mrs Yen from Ho Chi Minh City and Mr Tom from the Dragon Peal No 1. Their warmth, friendliness and good humour has made our trip most memorable. The guides all did an excellent job with their knowledge on places visited as well as the history of Vietnam. Our visit to Halong Bay was unfortunately very cold, but was still made enjoyable, and guests still participated in canoeing and visiting the floating fishing village. Although there were many highlights with the sounds, smells and overall busy day to day life especially in the markets, my favourite highlight was in Ho Chi Minh City with a park becoming one enormous flower market and the boats on the river covered in flowers ready to sell, all for the Tet festival. We wished we stayed a few extra nights to enjoy the Tet festivities. Yes I would definitely recommend Indochina Pioneer to anyone wishing to travel to Vietnam, and will use this company again.
Australia, Brisbane