You can’t miss these experiences while being on paradise island Phu Quoc of Vietnam

In case Phuket or Bali has been in your check-list already, and you are looking for a totally new paradise in the Southeast Asia region, look no further than Phu Quoc of Vietnam. You will be not disappointed. Phu Quoc island is a true jewel which is perfect for relaxing, chilling out, and enjoying the most splendor ocean view in Vietnam, and maybe in the whole of Southeast Asia.

So while being on this paradise island, what can you achieve besides taking a leisure walk on a perfect sandbank, or being embraced in crystal clear and calm waters? Let’s explore below:

Enjoying the magical “Disneyland” of Vietnam

To be named as the Vietnamese Disneyland, Vinpearland Phu Quoc definitely does not disappoint visitors with its unique architecture and all the exciting activities. This amusement park is located in Bai Dai Beach – a “super cool” destination with the Westernized beauty of the island. A visit to Vinpearland Phu Quoc will give you opportunities to admire the magnificent beauty of the park, and also participate in hundreds of exciting games including indoor and outdoor activities: water music repertoire, giant aquarium, etc. in a miracle atmosphere.

Diving into the spectacular ocean

The diverse coral reef systems and colorful marine life are the experiences that make you can’t help but fall in love with this paradise island. To the northwest of Phu Quoc, there are a series of dive sites that offer the ultimate conditions for those just learning the sport. The waters here are clear and calm, sheltered from the strong currents that affect other areas around the island. Marine life in these dive sites includes a variety of hard and soft corals and colorful reef fish.

The 15 islets known as the An Thoi Islands off the southern tip of Phu Quoc provide a more challenging environment for divers. From October to May, the currents and visibility here are highly changeable. While you probably won’t spot any big sharks and mantas, the currents do allow for some larger life such as bamboo sharks or blue spotted rays. The area is better known for its macro life and reef system which is making a recovery from decades of dynamite fishing.

Blending into the local life at Ham Ninh Village

Ham Ninh Village is a picturesque fishing village and a great spot to get a glimpse into the everyday life of the local fishermen. For those who love fresh fish, the village is a great spot to eat some bargain-priced seafood as well as try some unusual dishes such as sea cucumber soup. This is also the best place on the island to admire the beautiful sunrise. The peaceful atmosphere of the early morning on the sea will make you really relax on your Vietnam trip.

Exploring Phu Quoc on a bike

Phu Quoc is not only famous for its idyllic beaches, but there are also numerous destinations that are worth to visit such as pepper garden, Tranh waterfall, Da Ban stream, museum, vigorous fern forests and so on. Therefore, after having enough fun with the ocean, you should spend some time discovering other places on this pearl island. For sights on the mainland, riding a bike would be a perfect choice to have interesting experiences. You can wander all of the roads, explore all the corners to see a new world that you might not miss somehow.

Trying going to jail?

Phu Quoc Prison is where Northern Vietnamese soldiers were imprisoned during the Vietnam War. The prison is now a museum where you can see torture instruments, photographs of former prisoners and various exhibits with life-sized mannequins depicting graphic scenes of what life was like in prison during its operation. Whilst not for everyone, the prison is a way for tourists to learn more about Vietnam’s history and a reminder of the brutalities of war.

Watching the sunset on the beach with a cocktail in your hand

After a hard day on the beach, or perhaps being out and about exploring the island, find yourself a bean bag on the beach at a trendy beach bar, order yourself a cocktail and watch the spectacular sunset. The sun looks like a small pearl glowing in the west, slowly goes down to bedsore and brightens the immense sea. The silver waves catch this magical light and “dance” which create an extremely lively painting. Sunset on the sea has become Phu Quoc’s specialty and that’s why every traveler comes here should experience it once in their Vietnam vacation. If you travel with kids, beach bars are perfect as the kids can play in the sand, even swim whilst the adults unwind with a few drinks. Let’s enjoy the breathtaking landscape in lovely background music, and get yourself time for chilling out!

Wandering all the night markets to have the best street foods

The night markets in Phu Quoc (like Dinh Cau, Duong Dong) are the most atmospheric and best-value places to dine on the island. These vibrant markets will offer you stalls of snacks, coconut ice cream and a parade of outdoor restaurants serving a delicious range of Vietnamese seafood, grills and vegetarian options.

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