How to spend your New Year Eve in Myanmar?

Don’t think that the mystical Myanmar can’t bring you the festive atmosphere in this year-end event. In fact, this nation may help you throw the best New Year Eve party ever, as an international influence continues to make its way into Burmese culture so holiday festivities are becoming more and more popular. And here’s how.

Watch fireworks from above Yangon

Yangon is the most well-known place in Myanmar to celebrate the miracle transition moment, with many actions are here for the big event. However, what about welcome the New Year from above Yangon, and surrounded by the colorful fireworks? For those who love crowds, Kandawgyi Park will be a good choice as this place host one of the largest New Year’s Eve gatherings in Myanmar. You can float around the Kandawgyi Lake in a lovely decorated boat, then wait for the spectacular firework display or make a reservation to enjoy a cultural performance and international buffet inside the boat. And if you need more private, Yangon offers its visitors excellent rooftop bars with a clear firework view and good drinks. A friend’s house balcony is not a bad option, also.  Believe or not, you will have a really good experience with this Myanmar trip in the New Year Eve, when the whole city is lighted up by twinkly clusters of color bursts.

Ring in the new year at a pagoda. Literally

If you are looking for something that’s more into local culture in your Myanmar vacation, go ahead to the nearest pagoda. Here you will have a chance to ring the bell welcoming New Year Eve. This is a unique activity that is impossible to have anywhere else. Bells are a big thing in Myanmar. Not only in size but also in daily use as an important aspect of Buddhist culture. Nearly every sacred site will have a bell or 10 to ding. It’s customary to hit a bell with a piece of wood after doing an act of merit such as praying.

Welcome the New Year in an island

You are not in the mood of some busiest cities in the New Year Eve? Don’t worry, as you are free to sail around the islands of the Mergui Archipelago! Explore, snorkel and kayak by day. Dance beside a bonfire complete with fireworks on a remote island by night. Sure that your friends back home can’t post a picture with a bikini and aqua ocean on the first day of the year on Instagram, just like you!


Combining both Yangon and a beach

So you are the type that wants to “have them all”? Do you want both the bustling party in the city and that bikini picture on Instagram? So let’s do it. Several luxury bars, restaurants and hotels in Yangon such as the Sule Shangri-La and Sedona Hotel hold themed parties with lavish countdowns for New Year’s Eve. Party it up in style in Yangon, and then recover for a few days on one of Myanmar’s gorgeous beaches to start the new year off right and relaxed. 5 words: “Best-New-Year-Eve-Ever”

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