Best time to visit Myanmar (Burma)

Like most Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar has two main seasons: dry and wet.

The dry season runs from October to May and the wet season from June to October. Generally, most people prefer to travel during the drier months, but even during the wet season, the northern and central regions of Myanmar are cooler and drier than the southern parts, making year-round travel possible.

For your reference, please see below a summary of the weather conditions in Myanmar.


January has good weather conditions throughout the country, as it is a dry month, making it a good choice for visiting Myanmar.
The beaches on the south and west coasts will experience a lot of sunshine, while the central region will be dry and hotter. The average temperature in the lowlands is around 20°C, while the eastern and northern highlands will reach 25°C. Evenings are still likely to be quite chilly.

Events: Ananda Temple Festival (dates vary)


Weather conditions improve even further in February, with no rain expected throughout the month, and average temperatures of 20°C in the highlands, 32°C in the lowlands.
Beaches in the west and south coasts will be basking in the sunshine. The central plains will be dry and hot although more manageable than in the months to come. Evenings are still likely to be quite chilly.

Events: Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Festival (dates vary)

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda, Thanlyin, Thailand


Another dry month in March, with no rain expected, average temperatures increase to 30°C in the highlands, 35°C in the lowlands.
The sun continues to favor the beaches in the west and south coasts. Burmese winter officially draws to an end.

Events: Shwedagon Pagoda Festival (dates vary); Kat Ku Pagoda Festival (dates vary); Peasant’s Day (2nd March)


Temperatures continue climbing in April, with average temperatures of 40°C in the lowlands and mid-30’s in the highlands, and absolutely no chance of rain.

Events: Thingyan Water Festival (dates vary); Myanmar New Year (dates vary); Shwemawdaw Pagoda Festival, Bago (dates vary)

Myanmar new year


Temperatures peak in May as it ranges from 32 – 38°C across the country. With the wet season around the corner, expect rainfall towards the end of the month.
Beaches on the south and west coasts remain hot and dry although heavy rains arrive at the end of May – last chance for sun worshippers.


Showers gradually increase in quantity and duration as temperatures drop back down to an average of 30°C across the country.
The central regions and the south of Mandalay remain the hottest and driest parts of the country. Most of the beach resorts start closing by mid-June as they prepare for the heavy rainfall in the coming months.

July – August – September

The least popular months of Myanmar, rainfalls peak and temperatures remain high across Myanmar, averaging 27 – 30°C. The hottest and driest parts of the country are still assigned to the central regions and the south of Mandalay, with temperatures still in the low to mid-30’s°C. On the south and west coast, beaches are all closed, and road travel across much of the country becomes difficult.
If you must, July and August are still acceptable for traveling in some parts of Burma, but there are better months for your trips.
Rainfall and temperature are likely to taper off towards the end of September, but much of the country is still difficult to reach by road, and beach resorts remain closed.

Events: Burmese Martyr’s Day (19th Jul); Full Moon Day of Waso (dates vary); Taungbyone Nat Festival (Jul – Aug)


Myanmar starts to spring back to life in October; temperatures drop off slightly, with an average of 20 – 30°C, and beach resorts in the south and west coasts open up again.
The central regions and the south of Mandalay remain the hottest and driest parts of the country, with temperatures still in the low to mid-30s°C, with minimal rainfall.
October is great for visiting as there is a high chance of good weather conditions combined with fewer visitors than in the coming months.

Events: Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival (dates vary); Dancing Elephant Festival Kyaukse (dates vary)

Dancing Elephant Festival Kyaukse


Visitor numbers are still relatively low and temperatures hover around 31°C across most of the country. In the highlands and foothills of the east, the temperatures are close to their lowest with average highs of 25°C.
The south and west coast beaches resorts are now fully open in celebration of the return of sunshine.

Events: Shwezigon Pagoda Festival (dates vary); Po Win Taung Pagoda Festival (dates vary); Taunggyi Balloon Festival (dates vary); Tazaungdaing Festival (dates vary)


The peak of the dry season, December offers little to no chance of rainfall, temperatures reach a high of 31°C across much of the country, dropping to a high to 24°C in the highlands and foothills of the east.
The south and west coast beaches resorts are now fully open in celebration of the return of sunshine.

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