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14 reasons that you NEVER SHOULD travel to Southeast Asia

Why do million travelers out there keep praising this land, while we have a bunch of things to complain after our Southeast Asia vacation?

  1. Too many trees. Is it the largest National Forest in the USA or something?

(Da Lat, Vietnam. Source: Internet)

  1. And you even can’t visit these trees in a NORMAL way!

(Thailand. Source: Internet)

  1. Excuse me? You want me to dive in the middle of DECEMBER? Hello? Anyone here understands the definition of “WINTER”?

(Con Dao, Vietnam. Source: Internet)

  1. They have no snow at all! Where is my frozen (but warm inside) Christmas?

(Koh Chang Island, Thailand. Source: Indochina Pioneer)

  1. Why do you have so many temples with different architectures? Is it fun to make people keep being curious?

(Bagan, Myanmar. Source: Indochina Pioneer)

  1. They make and sell foods on the streets! And now on the river, also?

(Luang Prabang street foods, Laos. Source: Indochina Pioneer)

(Bangkok floating market, Thailand. Source: Indochina Pioneer)

  1. It annoys us so much that we don’t know how they can sell this big delicious beer glass with a corner of one dollar. They DON’T respect the true value of our favorite drink!

(Vietnamese Fresh Beer with fried squid. Source: Internet)

  1. You must admit that it is weird to see a kind of “shopping mall” on boats and river

(Bangkok floating market, Thailand. Source: Internet)

  1. Locals here don’t know how to act snobby. They keep… smiling!

(Cambodia. Source: Indochina Pioneer)

  1. Could I know where the modern touch is? Why do they keep remaining these ancient buildings?

(Luang Prabang, Laos. Source: Indochina Pioneer)

(Hoi An ancient town, Vietnam. Source: Indochina Pioneer)

  1. … Ok, but I thought I came here for historical values?

(Ho Chi Minh City by night, Vietnam. Source: Internet)

  1. Too many stories to remember. So I need to bring my notebook when traveling here or something?

(Angkor Complex, Cambodia. Source: Indochina Pioneer)

  1. Why does no one remind me to upgrade my phone storage before my Southeast Asia trip starts? Now, where will I save these tons of pictures?

(Nam Dinh, Vietnam. Source: Internet)

  1. Southeast Asia hacks time. Time flies too fast here! And it annoys as the kids are begging to stay more.

(Vietnam. Source: Indochina Pioneer)