The face of our clientele

The face of our clientele

"  My Vietnam experience far exceeded expectations – and that was largely due to the humanity, flexibility and skill of our trip organizer Lam Duong of Indochina Pioneer. I travelled with a group of eight who’d been involved in a Habitat for Humanity “build” program led by Helen Neale..."

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My name is John Hopkins and I'm Vicky Hopkins. And we have been working with Indochina Pioneer for our trips around Hanoi. We have been in Hanoi for a month. We chose Indochina Pioneer because friends of ours recommended them. They said that Kata the lady that we have worked with did such a wonderful job for them that they highly recommended her.
We have taken trips to Ninh Binh and to Perfumer Pagoda, to Halong Bay and they are working with our plans to travel south to Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An. And I personally enjoy so much about them and find so valuable. Is that they listen to what we want and advise and then adjust whatever they need to do to meet what we would like to do. And that has been a very important thing. Their guides have been very knowledgeable, and very good English. They’re very personable. We have been on several of private tours and it is very nice traveling in a private car with driver and the guide and it’s been very enjoyable. And that has been very important to us and has been delightful on every one of the trips.
For the trip to Halong Bay, though we chose to take a bus with a small group and I would highly recommend that to anyone to. The bus was very confortable but that way we got to visit with those travelers and we met people from all over the world. Everyone was so friendly. We kind of bonded in our little three and a half hour drive to Halong Bay. And then on the boat we personally chose to be on a smaller boat with about 14 other people that neighborhood. Again we got to meet everyone, people from over the world which was very very enjoyable. We didn't have a single grouch that we have to throw overboard. The accommodation on the boat was really really nice, much better than I really expected.
And the food was to die for. It was I expected kind of lower quality because it was the small boat and you’re out on the Bay. No, it was a 4 or 5 stars restaurant quality. How many, how many entrees, no not entrees courses that we have? Seven or eight.  
I think that we had seven or eight courses for the two different light meals that we had. I can’t, I can’t  talk well enough about the trip to Halong Bay. It was the highlight of the trip so far in the trips that Kata has prepared for us. And if I say no we don’t want do this. Fine, no problems, she offered other suggestions. Ok that sounds good so we really enjoyed them.
That is very important to us because other travel agents say: here’s ours book of tours, pick one and you have no input, you have no ability to make modification or adjust for what you want to do. And that is not in the case Indochina Pioneer and that is what has made them so special.
And also we had to admit that we sometimes are a little difficult to work with. And that we procrastinate on making our final decision. Well maybe here, maybe there, may be this and change your mind. Kata has worked us so graciously and did very kind about putting out with that our sort of thing. So we would highly recommened anyone to work with Indochina Pioneer anytime in the future.

Address: United State
Tour Dates: Feb 2014
Tour Title: Private & Tailor made tour to Vietnam
Hi, my name is Rosy Foster from United States; we chose Indochina Pioneer travel with Lam and his crew 2 years ago we were planning our trip to Vietnam
Their organization were top notch!
They picked us up at the airport and we've spent 2 and a half weeks with their amazing tour guide and awesome accommodations, well experienced, well knowledgeable

And helps us out in choosing our meal which by the way work excellent.
And we would highly recommend coming back, and definitely come back with my friends again.
Place to Visit: Hanoi, Sapa, Halong, Ho Chi Minh City.
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Rosy Foster
Address: United State
Tour Dates: Feb
Tour Title: Private & Tailor made tour to Vietnam
Good afternoon, I'm Phyllis Vragel and I live in United States. I contacted Indochina Pioneer about 2 years ago to plan our trip to see Vietnam.
I worked with Mr. Lam of Indochina Pioneer who helped us design a tour of Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi up to Sapa and Halong Bay.
He helped us plan our trip and provided us with transportation through out the country. We were met in each city with a tour guide  who met us at the plane and took us through the city and showed us their country. We had wonderful time. we were here for 2 weeks. So I recommend Indochina Pioneer for individuals who're looking to tour the country.
Thank you.
Place to Visit: Hanoi, Sapa, Halong, Ho Chi Minh City.
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Address: New Zealand
Tour Dates: Jan 2014
Tour Title: Vietnam tailor-made tour
Hi My name's Lynn and I'm from New Zealand. I have traveled all around the world exclusively for years and years, I have been to over 30 countries, but Vietnam is my favourite favourite country. Indochina Pioneer is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with.
Kata was brilliant at organizing our tour, and It is my second time to Vietnam. And it is exactly the same time I came last year and I would come back again. The guides are amazing, the drivers are very skilled and as I said was amazing. I had to mention my favourite guide in Hanoi which is Linh. He is just an amazing guide He got so much to himself, and he gave us understanding of the Vietnamese people.
Hanoi is the most, one of my farvourite cities in the world. Hotels are five stars. You'll have an amazing experiences if you come to vietnam, visiting to a local village to high-end shops, whatever you want Vietnam's got it all
Hanoi have my farvourite as I said, I love Hoi An, Halong Bay. It's a UNESCO site, you must go to Halong Bay it's amazing place
Hoian, you can get whole out fit made for hardly any cost, and I still wear the clothes that I have made last year, very high-end tailor making, amazing. What else can I say about Vietnam other than  I love the people, I love the country and I love everything about it. As I said This is the best country in the world. I will come back again. I'm very passioned about Vietnam.
I highly highly recommended Indochina Pioneer and for Newzealander this is the cheapest holiday which you can ever have. And you get a lot of money for ya... buck what I'm trying to say, you'll got a lot of value. So come on! Come to Vietnam and come with Indochina Pioneer.
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Address: Australia
Tour Dates: Jan 2014
Tour Title: Vietnam Tailor Made Tour

My name is Sheena, and I come from England and I decided to go to Vietnam on a touring holiday about 8,9 months ago.

I did some research into the companies that we wanted to use and we previously used lots of well-know travel companies but wanted to find somebody who was more flexible and offered really good value for money to.. for our holiday. And Indochina Pioneer were exactly the company that we wanted to use.

We got in contact and spoke personly with people in the office in Vietnam
We actually had a pre-spoke itinerary for holiday we designed ourself and all the internal flights are included...

I think the most important thing was that: first of all we hadn't heard of the company.. so it's always there's a little bit concern it's a company you're not really aware of, if it's a big name... but I can absolutely say a hundred percent that it's such a great company that we can hope for.

we've been to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, we then went to Ho Chi Minh City, from there we then flew up to Hoi An, then from there to Hue and then ending our holiday two and a half weeks later in Hanoi, spending overnight on a boat in Halong Bay.

Great time, Great tour guide. Very personalbe,  great sense of humours, really look after you, let you have a slightly late start if you're really tired and great drivers, very safe, lovely cars, keep you very safe and secured in the car for the whole time.

Hotel some of the best I've stayed in. I really like to say that 3 star more like 4 star, I think in overall I just couldn't fauld anything, couldn't change anything

And I really recommend that if you thinking about touring in Vietnam, definetly the comapy to use another company for a holiday like this. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. So I hope you enjoy it like we had.

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Address: Brazil
Tour Dates: Nov 2013
Tour Title: Tailor made Thailand & Indochina Tour
Hello Everybody,
We would like introduce ourselves, my name is Rafael,
My name is Hellen
We are both from Brazil, proposed for the trip to Indochina was basically 
Because we are frequent fliers, frequent travelers and after visting many countries in Europe, in North America, South America. Also in Caribbean Sea ... we decided to look for a new destination, an exotic one.
So Indochina is a perfect place to spend our holidays.
I found Indochina Pioneer by chance, I was surfing on the web, and after visiting the website of tripadvisor. I got very good feedbacks from Indochina Pioneer's services, and I decided to enter the website.
After some weeks I met Kata, a tour operator presenting Indochina Pioneer and we started to exchange some emails.
But by that time I was contacting other local companies in Indochina in order to hire some private services including transfers, tours, because this is our first time we are in Indochina and Kata was probably the only one who accepted my itinerary proposed while other companies were always trying to persuade me to change my ideas or my plans.
Indochina Pioneer got my trust and we decided to recommend their services to a couple of friends
They are coming Cambodia tomorrow And they are going to spend some weeks in Cambodia and in Thailand, they decided of course to contact to Kata as well.
So we are very happy, we are doing this trip to celebrate our nine years of husband and wife.
we really hope to contact to Indochina Pioneer for our next trip in Asia.
Thank you very much!
We are living for our dream!
Place to visit: Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi, Cao Dai Temple, Mekong Delta, Siem Reap, Angkor Temple, Tonle Sap lake, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Bangkok, Phuket
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Rafael & Hellen