The face of our clientele

The face of our clientele

"Ann and I are pleased to share our experience whilst in the care of Indochina Pioneer(ICP). During our adventure to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, we were treated like family, and at every stage of our holiday, somebody was there to guide us..."

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Hi, my name is John, John Bannerman. I am from Kendall in country New South Wales. I'm a musician, I am playing music but I'm not working at the daytime anymore.
We've gone on this trip through a friend of my wife and really enjoyed it. What we say, with the highlights…just been so many highlights.
Everything is different, the Saigon was very exciting.
Hoi An is very good, loved the cooking lady, very good.
Hue was very interesting. I've been very impressed by Lam, giving us some of the history of Vietnam so let you know about the story of the country. I think that's really, very interesting because it is just not like the tourist things
Up to Sapa, was great something different again.
Back to Hanoi. We really liked Hanoi, particularly liked university, was the first university.
And now Halong Bay, so very good can't complain about anything. Anything that's gone wrong, it is just part of travelling. Anything that did need to be fixed up, was fixed up
And Lam has gone beyond the call of duty I think.
Very, very good, very happy!
Hi, My name is Carol Bannerman, I'm John's wife. We were looking to this trip so much before we left home.
And since we've got here it's blown my mind. The food has been superb. The countryside is magnificent. Everywhere we’ve gone to, we have just not, nobody in our group which is large group of about 33, there hasn't been any problem or disappointment or anything. And I recommend it to everybody because this country is so beautiful and the people and I had such as a fantastic time.
Places visited: HCM City/ Saigon, Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, Sapa, Muong Khuong, Halong, Hung Yen.

Address: Florida
Tour Date: April 09, 2014
Review Date: 2014-04-15
Hi, my name is Bob Francescone I come from Florida USA, 
My name is Dennis Bowman from Florida USA.
We've just finish the first part, very long trip with Indochina Pioneer. And we want to tell you we have absolutely the most wonderful experiences.
We started planning this trip almost a year ago, I went to trip advisor and then I went to Lonely Planet and I ask people about trip to Vietnam
I picked this company for a number of reasons:
The first was Kata responses to me were very quick and she understood the kind of this trip I wanted to take. We made a lot of changes in the course of the trip. She suggested some... Everything she suggested have been wonderful.
She suggested ending a day here or day there or having home stay in this place and another one. We love this trip, we love her responsiveness.
And then of Course they are our guides and drivers. They were just wonderful for us. They understood what we wanted to get out of our trip. Both of us like adventure, we like something different, we like places off the beaten track..
Most recently we went to Uganda, Sudan and Cameroon, so that would you you ideas that we like places of difference.
The trip in the North-west and the North East of Vietnam was one of the best trip of our life. We think may be it is the most beautiful.
One of the most beautiful for sure!
You will not do better than this company with its drivers, guides and with Kata helping you put together your trip.
Also Mr Lam's father made great wine! it's great trip and if you have any question please feel free to contact either of us in Florida.
Thank you so much.
Thank you
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Bob & Dennis
Address: Canada
Tour Date: Jan, 2014
Review Date: 2014-01-20
Hi, My name is Judy, I am from Canada.
And luckily I came across Indochina pioneer on the Internet when I was planning a trip to Vietnam
and it was, it has been a very very a wonderful experiences when booking with them. I was happy to booking with the local Vietnamese company, and I have nothing but professional helps with Kata in booking all, both of my trips.. it is my the second trip to Vietnam.
We have had excellent guides. Drives are unbelievable, considering the amount of traffic Hanoi, Saigon.
I've fallen in love with the country the people and I find Indochina Pioneer has given a little personal value and feeling and understanding at how the way Vietnamese people are, and they re-add a rate this love for Vietnamese people.
The country is beautiful, I have been the North to the South, and I plan that I will come back again.
And the people are very diversed from the North to the South, and I find that with Indochina you can get real feel for that by going staying in a homestay in Sapa and then coming down Hanoi and stay at five star hotel, eating local food
or stay, eating five stars food in a restaurant. It has been wonderful experience.
And I have to really thank to Kata for all the helps and provided us with giving us a lovely holiday.

Thank you!
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Address: Newsawales, Australia
Tour Date: Aug 2014
Review Date: 2014-09-01
My name is Cindy Thompson, from Newsawales Australia
and this is my husband
We have been traveling with Indochina Pioneer for 18 days now, a journey of life time
we are traveling to Vietnam, to Laos and Cambodia
we had found Indochina Pioneer to be very professional and the guides are fantastic with show us information and helpful
we have just a best time... we have different guide in each area, all of guides are excellent and told a lot about the country..
It's very hard for us to take a pick a favorite spot because we enjoy the ... Saigon and then we love Hoi An and food, and we have just comeback from Halong Bay
It's so beautiful that was cant describe
we highly recommend if you looking for travel agent to travel to Vietnam, should look at Indochina Pioneer
Place to visit: Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi, Cao Dai Temple, Mekong Delta, Siem Reap, Angkor Temple, Tonle Sap lake, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Bangkok, Phuket
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Cindy & David Thompson
Address: United State
Tour Date: Feb 2014
Review Date: 2014-02-28
Hi, my name is Rosy Foster from United States; we chose Indochina Pioneer travel with Lam and his crew 2 years ago we were planning our trip to Vietnam
Their organization were top notch!
They picked us up at the airport and we've spent 2 and a half weeks with their amazing tour guide and awesome accommodations, well experienced, well knowledgeable

And helps us out in choosing our meal which by the way work excellent.
And we would highly recommend coming back, and definitely come back with my friends again.
Place to Visit: Hanoi, Sapa, Halong, Ho Chi Minh City.
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Rosy Foster
Address: United State
Tour Date: Feb, 2014
Review Date: 2014-03-01
Good afternoon, I'm Phyllis Vragel and I live in United States. I contacted Indochina Pioneer about 2 years ago to plan our trip to see Vietnam.
I worked with Mr. Lam of Indochina Pioneer who helped us design a tour of Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi up to Sapa and Halong Bay.
He helped us plan our trip and provided us with transportation through out the country. We were met in each city with a tour guide  who met us at the plane and took us through the city and showed us their country. We had wonderful time. we were here for 2 weeks. So I recommend Indochina Pioneer for individuals who're looking to tour the country.
Thank you.
Place to Visit: Hanoi, Sapa, Halong, Ho Chi Minh City.
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