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We are committed ourselves to giving our valued clients authentic travel experiences in Indochina, not just something staged for tourists. Please take your time to read tour feedbacks and watch our client video reviews about their latest holidays in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with us. These include the comments on attractions, guides, activities, hotels and food ...etc. Enjoy!


Rafael & Hellen
Address: Brazil
Tour Dates: Nov 2013
Tour Title: Tailor made Thailand & Indochina Tour
Hello Everybody,
We would like introduce ourselves, my name is Rafael,
My name is Hellen
We are both from Brazil, proposed for the trip to Indochina was basically 
Because we are frequent fliers, frequent travelers and after visting many countries in Europe, in North America, South America. Also in Caribbean Sea ... we decided to look for a new destination, an exotic one.
So Indochina is a perfect place to spend our holidays.
I found Indochina Pioneer by chance, I was surfing on the web, and after visiting the website of tripadvisor. I got very good feedbacks from Indochina Pioneer's services, and I decided to enter the website.
After some weeks I met Kata, a tour operator presenting Indochina Pioneer and we started to exchange some emails.
But by that time I was contacting other local companies in Indochina in order to hire some private services including transfers, tours, because this is our first time we are in Indochina and Kata was probably the only one who accepted my itinerary proposed while other companies were always trying to persuade me to change my ideas or my plans.
Indochina Pioneer got my trust and we decided to recommend their services to a couple of friends
They are coming Cambodia tomorrow And they are going to spend some weeks in Cambodia and in Thailand, they decided of course to contact to Kata as well.
So we are very happy, we are doing this trip to celebrate our nine years of husband and wife.
we really hope to contact to Indochina Pioneer for our next trip in Asia.
Thank you very much!
We are living for our dream!
Place to visit: Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi, Cao Dai Temple, Mekong Delta, Siem Reap, Angkor Temple, Tonle Sap lake, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Bangkok, Phuket
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Mary Kathleen Snyder
Address: Canada
Tour Dates: Nov 2013
Tour Title: Tailor Made Tour in Vietnam
Hello, My name is Kathe I am Canadian who is visiting Vietnam with two my women friends. First we arrived Hanoi
which is a wonderful and vibrant city, the people are very friendly, and our hotel is faboulous. As women traveling alone we never felt uncomfortable or unsafe in anyway we'ere always welcomed.
During our journey we went to Sapa, which is up on the North and again it was very beautiful beautiful countryside. Our entire trip was very very well organized, our guide spoke excellent English. We have no difficulty getting around.
There're  some people maybe concern that Vietnam is hot, too hot, and in November it is not, it's very comfortable weather and you can see, long sleeve. and so we are very happy about that. 
During our stay when was the time of the typhoon, the greatest storm that had hit the Earth ever
and in a minute Kata, our guide for Indochina Pioneer, was able to change my itinerary from going to Halong Bay for 3 or 4 days to go to Sapa  and there was absolutely no problems.
From the moment we arrived in Hanoi we were very well looked after. We were picked up, and we were...the company was very well organized.

Also I would like to point out we did not travel in a group tour. We were able to communicate with Kata through-out our planning process and tell her what we wanted to do, and then she organized this for us with guides and drivers.
And it was at very very reasonable cost in order to have an Itinerary which we could create for ourself.

Place to Visit: Hanoi, Halong, Saigon, Hoi An, Mai Chau, Sapa, Mekong Delta
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Jose and Gail Trachentberg
Address: New York
Tour Dates: May 2013
Tour Title: Tailor made tour in Vietnam
We are Jose and Gail Trachentberg. We are Newyorkers who’re currently living in Florida. We wanted to come to Vietnam for along time. I’ve traveled extensive with and without Gail in Asia and this is one country we’ve never been too.
We had numerous of friend who had asked us why do you want to come to Vietnam. Particularly, given backgournd of US and Vietnam have had. I might say have some concerns about how we would be greeted here, and I think both of us agree that even for people of our generations and older, we’re greeted as friends, and  welcomed, and Vietnamese people appear to be concerned about today, and not focus on the past.
And I'm not sure that we as Americans would take the same perspective, so we love our trip here. We’ve had a terrific time, we’re looking for countinuing it.
We were introduced to Indochina Pioneer by our friends.. and the four of us comprise a small group... And this is perfect way to go.
we have our own guide, we have our own comfortable vehicels, we have fantastic hotels, terriffic restaurants and so awesome remarkable things.
So I’m grateful to Honey to organizing the trip, gratful to Lam for paitently working with us modify itenarary time in time again and we would recommend everybody that Vietnam is great country to visit exciting place, I'd like going.. here in the future and If you gonna can come here, see Indochina Pioneer.
Probably The best group to contact to make your arrangement.
Place to Visit: Hanoi, Halong, Saigon, Hoi An, Mai Chau, Ninh Binh, Nha Trang, Mekong Delta
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Address: England
Tour Dates: September 2013
Tour Title: Tailor made tour in Vietnam
Hi, I'm Paul
I'm Gretchen.. and this is Sebastian and Ewan. we are traveling to Vietnam The tour booked with Indochina Pioneer and through Kata.
We've been here 4 days now, .. going from England. we've been Halong Bay and had a nice trip around there...
Back to Hanoi at the moment and will up to Hue and down to Hoi An, Danang, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh.
It's been great, Indochina Pioneer has been fantastic. Kata has done everything for us about: booked our hotels, around accomodations.., About tours and perfect.
So far so good, everything goes on!
Place to Visit:   Danang, Hoi An , Hue, Hanoi, Halong,  Nha Trang.
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Jon Greenfield
Address: California
Tour Dates: April, 2013
Tour Title: Taylor made tour in Vietnam and Cambodia

Hi, my name is Jon Greenfield and this is my wife Lorelei. We come from Hillsborough in California, United states.

we've just finished a fifteen day trip in Cambodia and Vietnam put toghether by Indochina Pioneer.
And we had a wonderful time. The service was excellent, the guides were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, responsible. Clean, great air-condition vehicles and air-conditioning is very important. Great hotels, great suggestion for meals and what would you like to add?

Lam was very responsive in developing an itinerary that was particular to us.

He had couple of propoasls at the begining and we told him what we wanted and he was very ready enable to tweak it to whatever we needed or wanted change something.

The hotels were particularly nice, food was delicious...

But I was particularly taken in Cambodia. Didn't know how to expect but t I wish I could spend more time there and the places that we did not hit on this trip that I definitely want to come back and hit hit with Lam doing other organization works.
Our favourite was the cruise down the Mekong River and Delta. Lunch there was incredible and all the food mentitioned was best meal in my entire life.

And weve just come back from the overnight cruise in Halong Bay. The pictures were spectacular, beautiful spot and great trip, great meals we had.

All in all was great trip and should not hesitate to book the trip with Lam.

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