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Indochina Pioneer Private Day Tours

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Please click on the countries below to read more about your desired destinations in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. These pages provide first-hand local travel information regarding transportation, accommodation, attractions, food & drink, entertainment ... together with some suggestions on ready-made tours to and from those places.


With a troubled recent history, Laos has only recently openned to the outsite world and is one of the most untouched countries in Asia. Vietiane, resting on the banks of the Mekong River, is Laos laid back capital city. It is one of the smallest capitals in the world, with mixture of omate temples, faded colonial French architecturem ,markets abd small cafes lying on the banks of the sweeping Mekong.

Compared to the hectic, bustling capitals in other Southeast Asia countries, Vientiane's deliciously relaxing atmosphere makes it feel like the small town it is. After you've done the round of temples, the best thing to do here has always been to wander down to one of the riverside beer gardens, kick back with a cold Beerlao - the Lao national beer - and watch the sun set over the Mekong. However, a long stretch of the Mekong river bank is presently a construction site as the authorities are building a flood management levee system and a riverside park. The project is the result of a grant from the government of South Korea.