Developing Military Tunnels As A Tourist Site In Quang Nam Province

A system of tunnels found in Anong Commune, Tay Giang District, Quang Nam Province four years ago is being developed as a tourist site and will soon be ready for visitors eager to follow in the footsteps of the revolutionary soldiers in wartime.

The site has also been recognized as a provincial historical relic.

The tunnel system, located seven kilometers from the Tay Giang District’s People Committee, used to be a billeted station as well as a base to store food, weapons, medicine and telephone devices to instruct thousands of troops on Ho Chi Minh Road in the revolution war against the U.S.

Tay Giang District was also a key military base. Anong Commune has four hamlets with military tunnels, consisting of Tam Aboc in Arot Hamlet, Abuol in Acap Hamlet, Bh’nom and L’booi in Axoo Hamlet and Ch’run in Anooth Hamlet. Bh’nom is located in Ch’lai Hill and is formed like the letter ‘Z’ for a length of 70 kilometers winding inside the mountain.

Also, Ch’run Tunnel can contain 50 people; its mouth is three meters wide, 1.6 meters high and 50 meters long. The tunnel is nestled in the dense forest with a stream around the hill, and was designed so the enemy was unable to spot the tunnel from above.

Especially, there is a military medical station and a warehouse of weapons and food transported from the North to the South.

Therefore, the tunnels there are crucial when telling the story of the nation’s history, especially for younger generations.

The commune will soon build a center to display artifacts of Ho Chi Minh Road and Anong’s tunnel system in order that tourists can have an insight into the country’s history with the sacrifices, losses as well as victories during the revolution wars.


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