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What do people do during the last few days of the Lunar Year in Vietnam?

In Vietnamese culture, people consider the last days of the lunar year as some of the most important days, since it is the time when people try to  finish all the remaining  chores of the old year and prepare for … Continue reading

Hanoi home-hosted meal

There’s no doubt Hanoi is a paradise for food lovers. This has been proved by the hundreds of articles, blogs, TV programs, guidebooks, and reports in the international media about this awesome destination. From Banh My to Bun Cha and … Continue reading

Delicious Tastes With Fish Treats In Saigon

Take a sweet tasting fish, add some sour and bitter herbs, and presto, you have lẩu cá kèo (spiny goby hot pot) Herbs and vegetables served alongside lẩu cá kèo: split water spinach, water mimosa, and rau đắng Go around … Continue reading

Delicious Octopus Dishes In Saigon

Octopus is one of delicious Vietnamese street food you should try when traveling in Vietnam. There are many ways to process this ingredient from steam to fry with many adding other ingredients. In recent day, many delicious dishes from octopus … Continue reading

Traveling In Ben Tre And Enjoy Delicious Food With Coconut Palms

The coconut tree not only yields the delicious and versatile nut, but also other parts that go into some amazing dishes Known as the land of coconuts, Ben Tre Province in the Mekong Delta evokes a rural image of the palms … Continue reading

Enjoy Pork n’ Coconut In Mekong Delta Area

Thit kho nuoc dua (braised pork with boiled egg and coconut juice) is one of the most popular dishes in southern Vietnam. Thit kho nuoc dua is one of the most popular Tet dishes in southern Vietnam. During the holidays, a … Continue reading

The Delicious Food In Hanoi You Should Try

Culinary art is one of the most interesting things for visitors’ discovery in Hanoi. The city’s most famous cuisine is Pho (noodle) but there are many other cuisines that visitors should not miss to taste. Bun Oc (noodles and snails) … Continue reading

Sour flavors In Vietnamese Cuisine

Sour flavors play an important role in Vietnamese cuisine. In the summer time, appetites are lost due to heat and humidity. Yet naturally sour foods tend to refresh a meal. On special occasions such as Tet (Lunar new year) or other … Continue reading

Canh Chua – A Popular Food Of Vietnamese In Hot Summer Days

Ever seen construction workers drinking hot tea in the blazing early-afternoon sun? Ever seen office workers hunkering down to piping hot bowls of soup in the midday heat? They do it because hot liquids actually help cool the body. Drinking … Continue reading

Traveling And Enjoying Royal Banana In Ha Nam Province

Chuối ngự, Ha Nam Province’s ‘royal’ banana, being sold in a market in neighboring Nam Dinh town. Visitors to the northern province of Ha Nam should not miss the chance to enjoy chuối ngự, a banana variety that grows best in … Continue reading