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How To Protect Your Passport?

Traveling abroad? Your passport is the most important document on your packing list; protect it, and it will protect you. Having your passport lost or stolen could turn your otherwise flawless trip into a potential disaster. Read on for ideas … Continue reading

Using Medications When Traveling Abroad

Whether it’s a sleeping pill to get you through that long-haul flight toAustraliaor a motion sickness patch for your round-the-HornSouth Americacruise, medications are part of any savvy traveler’s bag of tricks. You’ll want to bring any prescriptions that you take … Continue reading

How to keep healthy when traveling

If you’ve ever stepped off a plane with stained and rumpled clothes, a pore-clogged face, a jet lag-induced headache, and a mouth that still tastes like hours-old airplane food, you know how tricky it can be to stay clean and … Continue reading

Useful tips when traveling with a computer

For many of us, leaving our computer at home while traveling is the equivalent of cutting off our right arm. Without it, survival seems impossible. Luckily, advances in modern technology allow for easy transport of our beloved laptop with minimal … Continue reading

Useful tips for exchange Rate

Between commissions, credit card surcharges, ATM fees and other expenses, you’ll almost always have to pay a little extra for the privilege of exchanging one currency for another. How can you minimize these expenses and get the best exchange rate … Continue reading

Packing for a trip: Good advices from travelers

Passport? Check. Guidebook? Got it. Clean underwear? We’d never forget that! Most travelers remember the big stuff when they’re packing for a trip. But what about those little things that could make your travels easier or more convenient — like … Continue reading

How to cope airport delays

Nothing throws a wrench into your travel plans quite like a big, hairy airport delay. And there’s no shortage of reasons why your flight might be late: unpredictable weather, technical glitches, airport security problems, congested airways … even U.F.O.’s. According … Continue reading

Top 10 Travel Essentials You Can Find in the Trash

Travel supply stores have made a fortune selling things you can get for free. A number of items you might typically throw away, from old towels to empty yogurt containers, make excellent replacements for expensive specialty travel products. Trash — … Continue reading

Bumping and Overbooking

You arrive at the airport, pass through security and head to your gate, only to find that your plane is overbooked. Someone — or several someone — won’t make it onto your flight. Could that someone be you? An overbooked … Continue reading

Traveling with Grandchildren

We know how you feel — your grandchildren are perfect, adorable little angels who bring you and the rest of the world nothing but joy. And if they don’t, you can always give them back to their parents, right? Not … Continue reading