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The Places You Should Go When You Travel To Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of the most famous resort towns in Vietnam, thanks to its long and beautiful beaches. But the dazzling beaches also meant tourism was virtually restricted to sun and surf. Hoping to change that perception, the central … Continue reading

Vietnam Aims To Develop Coastal Tourism By 2030

The Government aims to develop the country’s coastal tourism sector into one of the top in the region by 2030, rivalling sea and coastal tourism in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Coastal localities are already implementing the national tourism development strategy … Continue reading

Nha Trang Becomes An Attractive Destination For Foreign Weddings

Sandra Therese Fagerberg, 35, and Thomas Harald Gronvoll, 32, from Sweden, who share travel as a hobby, have chosen Nha Trang beach as the place to organize their wedding. Ms Fagerberg and Mr Gronvoll have cohabited for several years and … Continue reading

Traveling Through Vietnam’s Central Coastal Provinces By Bicycle

Biking through Vietnam’s central coastal provinces on backroads is an interesting way to explore beautiful landscapes and traditional life during the summer holidays. It’s a fascinating and enjoyable tour programme, which allows tourists to free themselves from crowds and traffic … Continue reading

A challenge in Vietnam – Crossing the street

“Just go,” said a Canadian friend of mine, who moved to Vietnam about a year ago. “They will go around you.” Go around you? You must be mad, I thought, as I stand on the edge of the sidewalk inHanoi’s … Continue reading

Cruise Tourism Is Developing Fast In Vietnam In 2012

More and more cruise travelers have arrived in Vietnam so far this year. Vietnam expects a bumper cruise tourism season in 2012 after a quiet year of 2011. More and more cruises heading for Vietnam The first months of 2012 … Continue reading

Nha Trang Becomes A New Destination For Cruise

On March 20, up to 2,700 international tourists coming from 40 nations and territories went on the yacht Diamon Princess and stopped at Nha Trang bay, Khanh Hoa province to cruise the pretty marine city. Diamon Princess gets the tourism … Continue reading

The booking guide to travel in Vietnam

This is a short guide to booking a holiday in Vietnam answering the most common questions and problems. Flights: Most international flights arrive and depart daily from Ho Chi Minh City (still referred to as Saigon locally) and Hanoi. There … Continue reading

A bend in the S

If a nation is endowed with a 3,200-kilometer coastline, it stands to reason that it has many beaches. Many. Beaches that have different features and match different tastes. And among this assortment, the central region can claim to have the … Continue reading


Nestled below the bottom lip of the Cai River, some 260km north of Phan Thiet, Nha Trang has earned its place on Vietnam’s tourist mainline partly on merit and partly due to its location. Much has changed here since the … Continue reading