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A glance into the Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year (Tet) is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. When  spring comes, the weather becomes warm, trees start to blossom, and Vietnamese people everywhere are thrilled by the advent of the traditional New Year. Wherever they are, living … Continue reading

An excursion to one of the birthplaces of water puppetry

Okay! So it’s Saturday afternoon. To our surprise Quyen sighed and said it would be a boring weekend, and asked us to pick a destination for a half day escape. Just 1 minute later, Dao Thuc Village was targeted, and … Continue reading

We were treated like family!

Ann and I are pleased to share our experience whilst in the care of Indochina Pioneer(ICP). During our adventure to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, we were treated like family, and at every stage of our holiday, somebody was there to … Continue reading

Useful Shopping Tips In Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City can be a fun place to shop. You can buy things here from all over Vietnam. The main shopping district is Dong Khoi street, which runs from the Cathedral to the waterfront (see map). The side … Continue reading

Quang Ngai Introduces Tours Of Historical Sites, Landscapes And Economic Zones

Quang Ngai Province has recently introduced a tour to Quang Ngai City-Van Tuong-Dung Quat, taking visitors to historical, cultural sites and landscapes and economic zones. The tour will depart from the provincial general museum located on Le Trung Dinh Street, … Continue reading

Cua Lo Beach – A Popular Destination For Tourists In Nghe An

Cua Lo Beach, which stretches over 10km, is one of the most beautiful beaches in North Vietnam with its white sand and clear blue water. Reaching Cua Lo, tourists are lured with the picturesque beauty of its natural and primitive … Continue reading

United Kingdom Becomes One Of Vietnam’s top ten visitor-generating markets

Ho Chi Minh City – The UK has for the first time in seven years become one of Vietnam’s top ten visitor-generating markets, with nearly 18,000 Britons coming here last month, a year-on-year increase of 39.7%, reported the Vietnam National … Continue reading

Traditional Costumes Of Red Dao People

The red Dao ethnic minority resides mainly in the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam. One of the most typical features of the ethnic group is their impressive elaborate attire consisting of an intricate turban, tunic, trousers, belt, leggings and shoes. … Continue reading

Sound Of The Forest In Yang Bay Park

While standing in the midst of mountains and forest, I grow speechless as sounds of an ancient lithophone fill the air. Behind me, three glassy waterfalls splash down on rocks. The one-hour trip by coach from Nha Trang City to … Continue reading

Mau Son Mountain – An Interesting Destination For Tourists In Lang Son

Mau Son is featured with the wind whistling up and the cloud floating down. Standing at the highest peak of Mau Son Mountain, tourists will have a wonderful panoramic view of Lang Son region which is like a Chinese ink … Continue reading