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Some quick facts about Vietnamese Tet

Tet is a time when Vietnam is in its most festive atmosphere. During Tet, the daily life will be much different from regular days: new and beautiful clothes are worn, special foods are prepared, Tet trees are seen everywhere; colorful … Continue reading

What do people do during the last few days of the Lunar Year in Vietnam?

In Vietnamese culture, people consider the last days of the lunar year as some of the most important days, since it is the time when people try to  finish all the remaining  chores of the old year and prepare for … Continue reading

A glance into the Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year (Tet) is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. When  spring comes, the weather becomes warm, trees start to blossom, and Vietnamese people everywhere are thrilled by the advent of the traditional New Year. Wherever they are, living … Continue reading

Vietnamese Craft Villages Plans To Attract More Tourists

For the past many years, craft villages with their traditional products have attracted visitors to Hoi An. The conservation and development of craft villages such as Kim Bong which specializes in making wood products, Thanh Ha with its ceramic products … Continue reading

Learn About The Marriage Rite Of The Lo Lo People

Like other ethnic minorities, the Lo Lo people regard marriage as  an extremely important event in an  individual’s life. According to Lo Lo custom, the groom’s family must select four match- makers – two men and two women -to  officiate … Continue reading

What Surprises Me In Hanoi

Sitting outside my favorite Bia Hoi (fresh beer) spot last night I caught sight of a funny trio. Three Vietnamese men in their sixties were walking down the sidewalk abreast hand-in-hand-in-hand. They looked cheerful with an eye-wrinkling grin at me, … Continue reading

The Traditional Wedding Of Tay People In Vietnam

The traditional Tay wedding boasts some of the most fascinating and romantic of all the ethnic minority marriage customs. It may seem strange that  only  after many years of living in the city did I, a member of the Tay … Continue reading

Traditional Wedding Ceremonies Of Ethnic People In Northern Vietnam

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, mainly living in mountainous areas and having their own unique wedding ceremonies. Let’s look at some wedding preparations by a few ethnic minority groups in the northeastern and northwestern regions of Vietnam. Nearly 30 ethnic … Continue reading

A Special Worship Ceremony In Hue

An ancient worship ceremony, which was intended to bring good weather, peace and prosperity to the Vietnamese people in Feudal times, has been revived in the former imperial capital of Hue. At eleven in the evening on the 16th day … Continue reading

The Legend Of The Whale In Quang Nam Province

Vietnamese fishermen, especially those of southern Central Vietnam, respect and are grateful to the whale, which they call ‘Ông’, ‘Mr’. They say the whale is a transformation of the frock of an Avalokitesvara bodhisattva, which was thrown into the sea … Continue reading