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Random travel information all over Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Burma.

Hanoi home-hosted meal

There’s no doubt Hanoi is a paradise for food lovers. This has been proved by the hundreds of articles, blogs, TV programs, guidebooks, and reports in the international media about this awesome destination. From Banh My to Bun Cha and … Continue reading

Homestay in Ta Van – An experience not to be missed when visiting Sapa

Located in Sapa district, Lao Cai province, just 8 km away from Sapa town, Ta Van is a small village nestled between two mountain ranges, Hoang Lien Son and Ham Rong. It is surrounded by rice field terraces, often right … Continue reading

An excursion to one of the birthplaces of water puppetry

Okay! So it’s Saturday afternoon. To our surprise Quyen sighed and said it would be a boring weekend, and asked us to pick a destination for a half day escape. Just 1 minute later, Dao Thuc Village was targeted, and … Continue reading


Oversaving, overpackaging, hesitating buying what you like, fearing street food or something like that? Oops! Those are mistakes that could ruin your trip. 1. Overpackaging At home, with your complete wardrobe available, there’s no reason not to run through work, … Continue reading


A very good news for tourist in Hanoi, from Aug 1st, the Authority of Hanoi set up a Tourist Supporting Center with a hotline to support any emergency need of visitor to the city.   The Support Center is operating … Continue reading

The reasons why come to Viet nam

Known with many famous tourist sites with natural beauties, tranquil villages, ancient pagodas, beautiful lakes, Vietnam has been a popular tourist destination in the world. Not convinced as yet? Here are the top reasons why Vietnam should be your next … Continue reading

Best places to enjoy Christmas in Ha noi

Christmas is popular in Vietnam nowadays, however, only in big cities or tourist destinations, there will be a lot of activities to celebrate Christmas. From the beginning of December, all the streets in big cities are decorated with the Noel’s … Continue reading

Delicious Tastes With Fish Treats In Saigon

Take a sweet tasting fish, add some sour and bitter herbs, and presto, you have lẩu cá kèo (spiny goby hot pot) Herbs and vegetables served alongside lẩu cá kèo: split water spinach, water mimosa, and rau đắng Go around … Continue reading

Vietnamese Craft Villages Plans To Attract More Tourists

For the past many years, craft villages with their traditional products have attracted visitors to Hoi An. The conservation and development of craft villages such as Kim Bong which specializes in making wood products, Thanh Ha with its ceramic products … Continue reading

West Lake In Hanoi – An Attractive Destination In The Autumn

Hanoi in Autumn is so beautiful with the skies blue, air cool, and lakes misty. It’s the ideal time for a visit. Among the capital’s many attractions is West Lake, which has a long history associated. A tour around the … Continue reading