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Visiting A Vietnamese Restaurant In France With Traditional Dishes

After living in France for 30 years, Nguyen Thai Hoc still longs for his old days in Vietnam so he and his wife have opened a restaurant to bring a piece of the homeland to their adopted country. The typically … Continue reading

Noi Islet – A Popular Destination In Cam Ranh For Tourists

Noi Islet In Cam Ranh Bay has been ranked second for it annual birds’ nest output in Khanh Hoa Province The “Kingdom of salanganes” is a must-see for tourists when they pay a trip to Nha Trang City that is … Continue reading

Would You Like To Become A Farmer?

Recognized as a World Natural Reserve, the Vam Sat Eco-Tourist Area in Can Gio District is a popular destination for tourists to discover water life, biodiversity and local culture. With its goal of bringing something a bit special to tourists, … Continue reading

9 Unique Values Of Halong Bay

There’re 9 unique values that makes Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. 1.      The only site has been twice recognized as a Natural World Heritage and won the vote to become one of the … Continue reading

Vietnamese Tea drinking culture – Interesting Things You Maybe Don’t Know

For a long time, people have argued that Vietnam has no tra dao, or tea ceremony, as we don’t have solemn rituals and strict rules like a Japanese tea ceremony. However, if you look back at our nation’s history of … Continue reading

The New Life Of A Japanese Woman In Hoi An

Hirukawa Yuki decided to give up the fast-paced life in Tokyo to open a souvenir shop in laid-back Hoi An 13 months ago. She says she hasn’t regretted the decision for a moment. And she is not alone – she … Continue reading

Visiting The Goddess Of Mercy Pagoda In Bac Lieu Town

Quan Am Nam Hai festival often takes places at Quan Am Phat Dai in Bac Lieu Town Stretching a coastline of 54km, Bac Lieu Provinceis famous for the song “Reminiscence of Husband” by musician Cao Van Lau in the 1920s, or … Continue reading

An Thoi Archipelago – An Exciting Destination In Phu Quoc

Beautiful islets and fishing, breathing the fresh sea air, eating seafood and snorkeling under the warm shallow water to see colorful fish and coral is what awaits you on a boat trip to An Thoi Archipelago located south of Phu … Continue reading

Trekking Routes Across The Karst Plateau Of Dong Van Town

Trekking routes across the karst plateau of Dong Van Town, situated in northeast Ha Giang Province, have become increasingly popular since being recognised as part of the Global Network of National Geoparks (GGN) in 2010. Dong Van-based Karst Plateau Travel … Continue reading

The Interesting Destinations For Tourists In The North Of Phu Quoc

People will wonder why you should choose the north of Phu Quoc Island instead of the more popular south. Here’s why. The north is a vast area which has great potential for future tourism but for now it keeps its … Continue reading