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U Chiang Mai

70 Ratchadamnoen Road, Sri-Phum, Muang district, Chiang Mai - Tel: 053-327-000 - Fax: 053-327-096 - Website: www.uchiangmai.com - Email: reserve@uchiangmai.com

Like most boutique hotels, the U Chiang Mai is a photogenic property. But from pictures alone it won't be easy to tell what makes this place really stand out.

Consider the following:

At this 41-room hotel, the check-in and check-out times are up to you. You get to use the room for the entire day, 24 hours, just like you do when you rent a car.

At the time of booking, you can choose the kind of pillow you want and the same goes for in-room music, movie DVDs, soap and tea bags.

The ``welcome drink'' is anything you prefer in the mini-bar.

There's no need to wake up early for breakfast; you can have it any time and anywhere within the compound.

If you're a cyclist, you'll love the fact that the hotel has bikes you can borrow. If you bring your own, they allow you to keep it safely in the gym.

And here's my favourite: the soft and shiny, black silk bathrobes. Slip one on and you're guaranteed to feel like a mafia boss!