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Quy Nhon was officially founded more than 100 years ago, although its origins stretch backs much further to the 11th-century Champa culture, the Tây Sơn Dynasty and the 18th century seaport of Thị Nại. The city is renowned as the birthplace of 18th century Vietnamese emperor Nguyen Hue and, more recently, had a large American military presence during the Vietnam War.

Quy Nhon today is recognized as a first grade city with a geo-economic priority and an urbanized infrastructure. The government describes it as one of the three commercial and tourism centres of the central southern coastal region (with Đà Nẵng and Nha Trang).

Quy Nhon has a varied topography, being extremely diversified with mountains and forests, hills, fields, salt marshes, plains, lagoons, lakes, rivers, shorelines, peninsulas and islands. Quy Nhon's coastline is 42 km long with sandy beaches, abundant seafood resources and other natural products of economic value. The city's economic activities include industries, export-imports, seaport services, aquatic product husbandry and tourism.

The economic trend, at present, is increasingly service-based at the expense of agriculture, forestry and pisciculture. The GDP breakdown in percentage terms for 1998 is: construction industry 28.40%, service 55.58%, agriculture, forestry and pisciculture 16.02%.

Quy Nhon's goal for the near future is to become a dominant seaport as well as an international industrial, commercial and service-based trading center with a strong and active role in the regional economy.