The face of our clientele

The face of our clientele

"Ann and I are pleased to share our experience whilst in the care of Indochina Pioneer(ICP). During our adventure to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, we were treated like family, and at every stage of our holiday, somebody was there to guide us..."

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Phom Penh

Cambodia’s capital city is awakening from a turbulent recent past to become a busy and fernetic Asian city of Southeast Asia. Situated on the confluence of three rivers, it is just jumble of colonial buildings, temples, markets and board avenues. The focal point of the city is the promenade on the banks of the river which come alive in the evening with its pavement cafes and strolling families.

For western visitors, Phnom Penh can be a rough change. The city is characterised by warmth and humidity, infrastructure is largely lacking, there are rubbish and dust in the streets, risky traffic, blocked sidewalks, harassment from tuk tuk and moto drivers, touts and beggars - and a permanent crime wave, which now includes unprovoked brick attacks against Westerners in the main tourist area. The Ministry of Land Management [1] still allows many architectural horrors to be built, though a determined group of Khmer architects is fighting the trend. Unhappily there are few green spaces.

All that said, the city is slowly gaining high rise buildings and traffic lights, while still retaining some of the beauty that made it a Paris of the East before 1970. The city's few French colonial buildings are beautiful: thus a handful of its streetscapes make for a pleasant walk. There are some beautiful wide boulevards, and a parklike riverfront with cafés and restaurants aplenty. The standard tourist sights are few. But as a place to relax, watch the streetlife and absorb local color, Phnom Penh is a worthwhile destination for those who enjoy an 'edge' experience and can brave the downsides.