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If you would like to book your Tour at our central Hanoi office, we recommend you make an appointment with our representative.

Address: Level 4, 18 Yen Ninh Street, Quan Thanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Business hour are: Mon to Sat: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

GENERAL ENQUIRIES: +84 982 116 630 (MR. LAM)

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  • GENERAL ENQUIRIES: +84 982 116 630 (MR. LAM)

    Call us at:
    Sales Office: +84437153627 from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm Hanoi time.
    Hotline: +84983145799 (mobile phone: Steven)

    If you would like to book your Tour at our central Hanoi office, we recommend you make an appointment with our representative.

    Address: Level 4, 18 Yen Ninh Street, Quan Thanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Business hour are: Mon to Sat: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

  • GENERAL ENQUIRIES: +84 982 116 630 (MR. LAM)

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Young, cheerful, neat, responsive and responsible are what describe our team. They are there to make your holiday a fun and unique experience right from the moment you send your first enquiry to us. Indochina Pioneer is greatly proud of them, and we are sure you love them too! Here below are some featured guys and gals:

Quyen Le

Quyen Le, Founder/ Managing Director

Quyen’s interesting background in Foreign Language Studies has given him a sophisticated grasp on even the most complicated aspect of the English language and cultural differences. At the early stage of his career, Quyen began as a University lecturer, to satisfy his passion of sharing his knowledge with people. However, he quickly realised the real “love of his life” came from applying what he knows to real life, by combining them with his big hobby, which is travel. After leaving his teaching job, Quyen spent more than 10 years in the tourism industry, practicing, learning, experiencing. His many positions included in the travel industry were, tour guide, tour leader, tour manager, operations manager, customer service manager etc., while working for a number of local and International companies. In 2009, together with another travel expert, his best buddy Lam, Quyen established Indochina Pioneer to fulfill their desire of bringing the Indochina homeland and Asia as close to the rest of world as possible. By providing signature service packages created from his insightful understanding of tourism and passion for people, the company was born. Besides being a travel expert, Quyen also loves music and sport, and is a fun person to be around! He is also a devoted father and husband.

Lam Duong

Lam Duong, Founder/ Director of Sales

Holding a Bachelor Of Arts in Foreign Studies from the reputable Languages and International Studies University, Lam, with an open and service-oriented mind, has never considered himself as an interpreter which was his original plan for life. His career in tourism industry began in 2001, with his excellent skills in foreign languages, knowledge of different cultures from the university, and his pure passion for travel. After nearly 10 years of collecting industry insights by experiencing many positions, from ordinary tour guide to senior tour manager, in both US & UK large corporations, he decided to start a business with his best friend, Quyen, in 2009. With the companies inspiring motto “Experience - Learn – Enjoy” Lam began his exciting adventure in planning tours, and through his hard and responsible work he has certainly achieved this. Lam loves reading, learning about new cultures, travelling, and obviously his wonderful wife and 02 children.

Kata Tran

Kata Tran, Sales Manager

Carrying the travel dream from childhood, Kata entered the hospitality industry very soon after her 2nd year in Hanoi Open University. She started her career as a receptionist and reservations clerk in a large hotel in Hanoi, until she got her Bachelors Degree in Tourism & Hotel Management in 2009. After graduating, Kata spent 3 years working as an Operations executive, before realizing her huge potential in the travel consulting and online sales field. As ICP’s top salesperson, she is able to charm customers, not only with her fluent English, but also her ability to listen and comprehend the client's needs. Besides being a work-addict, Kata is an adorable woman who loves making friends, learning about new cultures and helping others.

Ruby Mac

Ruby Mac, Senior Sales Executive

Holding the B.A degree from the Trade Union University gives Ruby have an excellent overview of the business, together with her great social skills. Starting as a salesperson in 2002, Ruby brings over 15 years of experience in the Sales field, which includes 10 years working in the tourism industry. With a positive attitude, hard-working attitude and her skill in communicating she is a great asset to our team. Apart from her love of travelling, Ruby is a big collector of Pandora charms, and is the beloved mother of a handsome son.

Van Anh

Van Anh, Senior Sales Executive

Van Anh has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and graduated from the famous Hanoi University of Science and Technology. She is a warm woman who discovered her passion for travel early on in life. She decided to begin her journey with the hospitality industry right after graduation in 2010 by working with a large hotel group. The strong will to help people make their dream vacations come true, and her own academic background, makes Van Anh a conscientious and hard-working travel consultant. She gets an immediate understanding of her clients wishes through communication. When she’s not in the office, she likes to hang out with her foreign friends in Hanoi, and learn about their cultures and the differences between Vietnam and their home countries.

Alejandro Nguyen

Alejandro Nguyen , Travel Consultant/ Spanish Market

Alejandro is a young and dynamic person, graduating from Hanoi University with a Bachelors Degree in Spanish Language Studies. Although being very young, Alejandro has operated with many travel agents in Hanoi as an intern, before joining our team with a progressive attitude. He is detailed-oriented and open minded, hard-working and honest. With his great sense of humor, Alex loves talking with people, making friends and going around his Vietnam homeland to get more insight into the local industry. He is also interested in various forms of art, including culinary art (if you know what we mean!!).

Victoria Nguyen

Victoria Nguyen, Operations Manager

Victoria owns both Bachelor Degree in Spanish Language Studies from Hanoi University and B.A from National Economic University, two reputable names in Vietnam. Before joining Indochina Pioneer's team, Victoria had nearly 10 years experience in the tourism industry. She is continuously adding value to her own career, not only with the outstanding operations skills but also her vast knowledge of the Spanish market. Victoria is a hard-working, detail oriented and a very sociable person, who can speak both Spanish and English fluently. Besides having the elegance of a true Hanoian, Victoria is also a modern woman with fashion-packed lifestyle. She is a food lover, a shopaholic and a die-hard Shakira music fan!

Khue Ngo

Khue Ngo, Senior Operation Executive/ HCMC Office

After graduating from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in tourism, Khue continued her academic life and gained her Masters degree in the same field. She has been researching and working in this Industry since 2009, with the first 3 years as an online salesperson, before finding her real connection with operations. Khue joined ICP’s team with many years experience, and a deep understanding of this industry, collected from large local travel companies. In her personal life, she is a gentle woman who loves books, cooking, and going around the country with her precious family to experience more about her homeland and its culture

Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen, Marketing Team Leader

Trang owns a strong background in Business Administration, especially in the Marketing and Finance field, as a result of the international education system provided by La Trobe University. After gaining her B.A. degree, Trang decided to start her career as an accountant, which quickly turned out to be a big mistake by this sociable girl. Continuing her passion of market research, customer behavioral studies, and creative content creation, Trang began to work as a Marketer in 2013. She joins ICP’s team with 3 years marketing experiences, collecting from a number of local and International corporations, as both a full-time employee and as a freelancer.Outside the office, you can find her watching movies at the local theatre, or socialising in pavement cafeteria.

Thuy Doan

Thuy Doan, Chief Accountant

Graduating from the Hanoi University of Business and Technology in 2007, Thuy has a strong background in Finance and Accounting, and also a natural skill in Mathematics. Thuy is a professional accountant who has 10 years of experience, and has been with Indochina Pioneer since 2011. She is a responsible, hard-working and detail oriented person; all qualifications that contribute to her position with ICP. Her hobbies are sports, literature, learning about different cultures and of course travel.

Ly Doan

Ly Doan , Junior Accountant

The young and energetic girl- Ly Doan- holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting from The University of Finance and Business Administration. After graduation in 2016, ICP is the first sea of this lil’ shark. The excellent academic background combining with the honesty, detailed-oriented and hard-working qualifications help Ly quickly become a effective member of the team. She is also a travel addict, culture lover and music fan girl.

Thang Dao

Thang Dao, Product Manager

Thang, is a man with a strategic and business-oriented mind, he holds an MBA degree and a deep understanding in both the Business and Hospitality industry. With years of field experience and a strong academic background, he has done an excellent job in researching and launching ICP’s products into the marketplace. He also owns a sophisticated grasp on even the smallest fluctuation in the market, which help him make educated decisions. Besides being a smart business analyst, Thang is a caring family man, a sport big fan and of course, a travel addict.

Janet Draper

Janet Draper , Content Editor

We first met Janet in 2012 when she booked a 14 day private tour from Hanoi to Saigon. She was a senior citizen, travelling alone, so we did not know what to expect! She amazed us and her guides with her energy, curiosity, and zest for life. Janet returned in 2013 for an extended tour of Vietnam and Burma. She said she was so impressed with us the first time that she could not wait to return! We became firm friends during this tour. Upon her return home to Hawaii she offered to proof read and edit our website for the benefit of the Western tourist. She continues to help us whenever possible, and we really appreciate it.


We hold a privilege to have an elite team of Tour leaders and National tour guides. Each of them has been key veteran guides for many other companies before falling in love with Indochina Pioneer and had strong commitment to provide exceptional holiday experiences for those who travel Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with us. University educated, years of experiences, love to their jobs and pride of their home countries and fun to be with are what you can enjoy for entire holiday in Indochina with them. Here are some representatives

Tam Nguyen

Tam Nguyen , Tour Guide

Holding two Bachelor degrees, one in Tourism Management and the other in Business Administration, Tam is a knowledgeable man at a young age. He started his tour guide career right after graduation in 2013, and quickly gained a reputable place in this field. His clients consider him a good listener and a warm knowledgeable man with great sense of humor. Opposite the exalted image at work, he is actually a gentle and calm man in his personal life, who is interested in gardening, gym actives, and cooking.

Viet Dang

Viet Dang , Tour Guide

Viet graduated from Hanoi Open University receiving a Bachelors in Tourism in 2014. His English is at the advanced level with the certificate of TOEIC 850. Strong academic background combined with excellent English skills helped Viet build a strong foundation for his tour guide career. And he keeps adding value to his position with the care and attention he shows to clients. In his personal life, Viet is an ordinary man who loves sports, hanging around with his buddies, and exploring other cultures.

Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen, Tour Guide

Thinh graduated from Hanoi University, and gained Bachelors Degree in English Language Studies, giving him a deep understanding about this international language and cultural differences. Years of experiences and excellent personality helped him build a strong career in this field. Thinh charms customers not only by the signature bright smile but also his caring heart and his knowledgeable mind. This guy is always full of energy, also a gym man, a guitarist, and a travel guru.