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Young, cheerful, neat, responsive and responsible are what describe our team. They are there to make your holiday a fun and unique experience right from the moment you send your first enquiry to us. Indochina Pioneer is greatly proud of them, and we are sure you love them too! Here below are some featured guys and gals:

Kata (Kata Tran)

Kata (Kata Tran), Sales Manager

My name is Kata. I came into the tourism business with a so-called “destiny connection” and absolutely love it! I was a country girl who loved to travel, to see other parts of my Vietnam, and Indochina Pioneer gave me the opportunity to do more than I could ever have wished for. Now I am working in the Sales Department and giving travel advices to my valued clients, and that is the best part of my job! I am especially looking forward to giving YOU advice for your upcoming holidays in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos! Please contact me!

Lam (Lam Duong)

Lam (Lam Duong), Director of Sales

Hi! My name is Lam. After leading trips throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for over 10 years, I decided to hang up my boots and join Indochina Pioneer for this new role of Director of Sales. I am in charge of our wonderful team of travel consultants. I am passionate about my job and find it very rewarding. The best part is seeing our customers go home with big smiles and great memories, knowing they appreciated all the effort we put into their special vacation.Our Indochina Pioneer Motto "Experience - Learn - Enjoy" says it all. It is not just a vacation, it is about experiencing a new culture, learning new things and enjoying all aspects of a really unique holiday, that you will long remember. This is our "recipe" and it's what my team and I are really proud of. Please give us the opportunity to prove it to you by allowing us to plan your next trip.

Thanh (Thanh Le)

Thanh (Thanh Le), Product Manager

Hello! My name is Thanh. I am responsible for contracting hotels, resorts and transportation companies. I also research new destinations and itineraries for your Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos holidays. Next year I will reach out further to include Butan and Borneo. "Experience, Learn and Enjoy" is our company motto, and that is what I sincerely hope you achieve by using our travel service! I am looking forward to you planning an awesome vacation with Indochina Pioneer!”

Janet Draper

Janet Draper , Content Editor

First met the Indochina Pioneer team in 2012 while taking a private tour from Hanoi to Saigon, I was totally impressed by them. After returning home to the USA I stayed in touch and we all became firm friends. Visiting their website to plan another trip I made a few polite suggestions on how to improve it! The rest, as they say, is history! I continue to help by adding, editing and changing the content for the benefit of the western traveler.

Quynh Anh (Mrs)

Quynh Anh (Mrs), Operations Manager

My name is Quynh Anh. I have been with the Indochina Pioneer Team for over two years now. My job is to ensure all the tour bookings running smoothly. I am so happy to be working in a team of travel-loving individuals selling some of the best destinations in the world.

Vuong (Vuong Nguyen)

Vuong (Vuong Nguyen), Saigon Office Manager

Hello! My team and I, at the Indochina Pioneer office in Saigon, make sure your stay here in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is everything you expected. From local day tours to your discovery of the Mekong Delta we will make sure everything runs smoothly. We will also handle your journey to/from Cambodia. Welcome to my bustling city where you will feel the true spirit of Asia!

Jason Padith

Jason Padith, Laos Office Manager

Sabaidee! (Hello in Laotian!) I am the key-man of Indochina Pioneer here in Laos. I run back and forth from Vientian to Luang Prabang, and regularly go off-road inside Laos territory searching for interesting new destinations and routes to offer our customers. I work very hard to ensure that my clients experience of Laos will be extremely enjoyable, and very memorable. I am really looking forward to serving you for your special adventure in Laos!

Rin Ra (Mr)

Rin Ra (Mr), Cambodia Office Manager

Sou Sei!(Hello in Cambodian!) Welcome to Cambodia! I handle the Indochina Pioneer travel service in my homeland of Cambodia. I would love, on behalf of the Indochina Pioneer team, to introduce to you the history, culture and people of my Khmer origin. I am so proud to be part of this educated, professional and friendly company!

Thuy (Thuy Doan)

Thuy (Thuy Doan), Chief – Accountant

Xin Chao, I am a happy “woman of numbers”. Yes, my job is to make sure the figures in our balance sheets are correct and in their right places. I am so lucky to be a member of the Indochina Pioneer Team. I love the dynamic and friendly atmosphere here. It is like a big happy family, where family members love to help each others.

Cong (Cong Pham)

Cong (Cong Pham), IT Manager

Hello, Cong is my name and this website is my exciting responsibility at Indochina Pioneer. I also take care of the software and “IT matters” for my Indochina Pioneer family. I hope you enjoy our website, but especially hope you enjoy your trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos!

Mai (Mai Pham)

Mai (Mai Pham), SEO Manager

Xin Chao! I am Mai from Indochina Pioneer. I am very proud to be a member of this young energetic team. I do web-marketing and SEO for our company website. This is my first job and I am enjoying it a lot. When I have free time, I like traveling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I would love to be your friend on Facebook!

Quyen (Quyen Sy Le)

Quyen (Quyen Sy Le), Managing Director

Hello! Traveling is my blood, my food, my air, my life. After almost 10 years as professional trip leader for a number international travel companies, I decided to work with my buddies to run the Indochina Pioneer travel venture. Our intent is to bring exceptional customer service to those who visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. “Vietnam is a country, not a war” – this quote inspired me and my Indochina Pioneer team to bring Vietnam as close to the rest of world as possible, to introduce our Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with warm hearted people, cultural diversity, old history and our unique lifestyle. Not forgetting our world-class hospitality!


We hold a privilege to have an elite team of Tour leaders and National tour guides. Each of them has been key veteran guides for many other companies before falling in love with Indochina Pioneer and had strong commitment to provide exceptional holiday experiences for those who travel Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with us. University educated, years of experiences, love to their jobs and pride of their home countries and fun to be with are what you can enjoy for entire holiday in Indochina with them. Here are some representatives

Linh Nguyen (Mr)

Linh Nguyen (Mr), Tour Guide

Hello, I was fortunate to enter the Tourism business in late 1990s from a professional background with a demanding travel market. I am now a national tour guide for Indochina Pioneer and found this to be my true calling! No matter what kind of adventure you would like, my Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are ideal for a different kind of vacation offering a combination of travel, leisure, adventure, discovery and lots of new things to learn. Come explore with me and have an amazing holiday of a lifetime!

Vuthy Dam (Mr)

Vuthy Dam (Mr), Tour Guide

Hello, My name is Vuthy Dam and I am a Cambodian Tour guide. Please call me Smiley! Yes, because I love to smile and laugh! I cannot imagine a holiday without laughing! So here I am for you! We will have a fun holiday in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos together!